Vision 2020 for Indian Weddings: The Modern Divide

2020 has brought in a lot of changes. Although it had a tumultuous start, the new decade does promise progress. This also applies to one of the largest industries in the country, i.e., weddings. The way Indian weddings are conducted, planned etc. has completely changed today. Millennial couples today are not blindly opting for big fat Indian weddings. They are looking for something more and ways to incorporate their own personality and style on the wedding. 

So, here’s what we think 2020 has in store for Indian weddings:

Indian weddings in 2020
Indian weddings in 2020

#1. Wedding Invitations

We see a rising trend in online wedding invitations rather than physical wedding cards. Although wedding cards are still important when it comes to Indian weddings, people are being conscious of the volume of cards they print. Wedding cards are being reserved for the people who they’re really close to and digital wedding invitations like e-invites, wedding video invitations etc. are preferred for the other guests. This trend has also made inviting guests really easy and allows you to allocate your time, energy and resources in more pressing matters. 

#2. Wedding Gift registry

Today, more and more couples are opting for more practical solutions for their wedding. So, when it comes to managing unwanted gifts and the resulting waste, one of the best solutions is creating a wedding gift registry. A wedding gift registry helps couples get the gifts they actually want and will use.  It is also equally beneficial for the guests as they get to the couple a gift that is meaningful and useful for them. They don’t have to guess what the couple might and many might not whether their moving to a new home or is the bride moving with her in-laws. All this makes for a bit of a confusing situation and a gift registry can help provide a clear solution to all this. So, we believe that this trend will be big in 2020 and more couples will be signing up for one!

#3. Wedding Planning

Just like everything, even wedding planning has gotten a modern upgrade. Tech has influenced modern wedding planning a lot and a lot of modern tools are being implemented the process much easier. One of the latest being wedding apps. There are a lot of wedding apps in India that are making the process much and help stay on top of tasks and checklists. All the information has become easily accessible and there is no need to take tons of notes and use spreadsheets. Managing logistics has become a much easier task with the help of wedding apps. They are also enabling some couples to plan their own wedding rather than opt for wedding planners. So, that’s definitely a bonus!

#4. Wedding Outfits

The modern outfits are here and they are all unique! From capes, ruffles to even feathers, even the modern lehenga has some upgrades up its sleeve. Today designers like Anita Dhongre are striving to create more sustainable bridal wear options and that is one of the ‘need of the hour’ trends that many people are embracing nowadays. Also, many unconventional and designs are being incorporated in these outfits and also the brides are choosing more breathable fabrics over others. All these will definitely result in ethereal looking couples in the coming year!

#5. Bridal Jewellery

Bridal jewellery is an important part of wedding planning as anything else when it comes to Indian weddings. But the modern trends and the recessing economy has definitely changed the game. Even though people might still opt for big fat Indian weddings, jewellery choices have changed completely. The earlier trends were of brides weary huge neckpieces and a lot of jewellery. But in 2020, there’ll definitely be a trend of minimalistic bridal jewellery. The designs are also changing as they are more or less inspired by the traditional ones but they still manage to have a modern flare. 

#6. Wedding Venues and Decor

There are going to be a lot of outdoor weddings in 2020. We saw this trend rise in 2019 are hoping to see this trend grow in the coming year. Couples are ditching conventional halls and are choosing the venues that represent them. Also, the decor game has also completely changed. In the coming year, you’ll see couples opting for more sustainable decor options and locally sourced flowers for their wedding decor. Bold colours, interactive stalls, statement lightings etc. are going to be all the rage this year. 

#7. Modern Wedding Elements

Wedding elements like a wedding hashtag, monogram etc. are going to be all the rage and you can see most couples incorporating them into their wedding. Also, wedding websites, live streaming etc. are going to be a common sight at all weddings. They are also very practical. Wedding websites add value to the guests the most as they have all the necessary information for the guests to attend the wedding. Live streaming helps the guests who could not be a part of the celebrations witness it from wherever they are. So expect to see these elements at most of the Indian weddings in 2020. 

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