Gift registry ideas for the bride staying with her in-laws!

It may not be as frequent, but in India, there are still many couples who choose to live with their in-laws post the wedding. For the negatives, you can reference any Indian television show, but there are also many positives. You get love, more family to pamper you and a fully set up home! But if you are planning to do a gift registry, you might wonder what to add when your home has everything?

Gift Registry
Gift Registry Couple: Muthu & Rangashree

Well, there is always a lot to add to your gift registry and as the resident experts, we’re here to help you!

#1. Personal Care

One thing that your in-law’s house will definitely not have is your personal care products. Since your new home already has all the essentials, pamper yourself with personal care items from luxury brands like Forest Essentials, Kama Ayurveda, Maa Earth Botanicals, Bombay Shaving Company and so on. You’ll never go wrong with these brands and they also provide hampers with assorted creams and scrubs. Adding them to your gift registry is a no-brainer! 

#2. Dinnerware

Every couple gets innumerable dinner sets on their wedding. The problem is they are not the kind that you want! A good dinner set that you love and use is a must for every couple, so even if your in-laws have a dozen, there’ll always be room for some more. Noritake is one of the most famous brands and is a must add to your gift registry!  

#3. Gift Cards

You’ll never go wrong with gift cards. You can add gift cards from brands that provide varied goods like Amazon and Flipkart. If you have some niche brands that are your favourite and you’ll definitely use, then be sure to add them too. They also generally have a longer validity period, making it useful to you months after the wedding. You can take your time and buy gifts as you like.

#4. Travel Essentials

Travel essentials make a great addition to your gift registry any time. As you embark on your new adventure, you might as well carry your baggage in style (pun fully intended!). From strollers and duffles to customised luggage and neck pillows, there are lots to add. You’ll always travel and where you’re moving to is inconsequential when it comes to travel essentials.

#5. Experiences

You have a fully set up home. So use this great opportunity to add amazing experiences to your registry. From a holiday you’ve been dreaming of to a couple’s massage, there is so much you can choose from here. Trust us, it is these gifts you will most remember. 

#6. Room Decor

The house may be set up but your room will definitely not be. So, add a few items to your registry that’ll leave your mark on the room. From a bedspread or wall hangings, lamps to photo frames – choose whatever you want to make the space feel like yours. You can even add diffusers and scented candles to your gift registry to give the space a positive vibe!

#7. Personalized items

They are a rising trend when it comes to wedding gifts. Personalized backpack with your initials or maybe even a passport holder can be on your wishlist. Here’s something that you might have not heard of – clone dolls. They are miniature dolls that look like you and your partner and they definitely make for an amazing gift! If not you, you can literally make the clone dolls look like anyone you want. 

Gift Registry Clone Dolls
Clone Dolls

#8. Cooking Essentials

These might be a tricky one. Steer clear of the usual suspects and add some cookware or appliances that are a bit quirky or you’re sure that your in-laws will definitely not have. You can add something like dim sum steamers, or rice cooker with a steamer or even a soda maker. These are things that your in-laws will most probably not have. If you visit their home on a fairly regular basis before the wedding you can maybe even note what they have and don’t. 

#9. Jewellery/ Accessories

Jewellery/ Accessories are something that you’ll always want. Add something from your favourite brands like Tanishq, Isharya etc. Necklaces, bracelets rings and so on are some things you’ll definitely wear and make for good additions to your registry. Don’t stick to only gold. Add different kinds of jewellery like silver or even costume jewellery. This gives your guests a lot of options to choose from and lets them select gifts according to their budget and liking. 

#10. Cash Contributions

Cash contributions are a must-have in your gift registry. You can do literally anything you want with them. Spend it all on your honeymoon or maybe even save it for later. It’s your call. You don’t have to worry about the expiry dates like gift cards. Most of the time, it so happens that you might not have a clear idea of what your new home already has. Cash contributions give you the liberty to choose what you want to buy when you want after moving to your new home. 

Moving in with your in-laws can be a tricky situation. Being the new one at a new home can be a bit difficult. But since your home is already set up, that is one thing off your plate. You can focus on adding gifts exclusively for you and your fiance. There’s nothing wrong with pampering yourself and the above-mentioned additions to your gift registry will truly help with that cause.  

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