This couple had a mind-blowing interracial marriage in 2019!

A Zimbabwean bride, a groom from Uttar Pradesh, and a celebration in Mumbai—now that’s what we call a true hot pot of cultures coming together! Answer & Abhijit’s interracial marriage was a treat for their guests, as they celebrated with different customs and traditions, chose to do a gift registry and wove it all together in a beautiful and contemporary ceremony. 

“The wedding was quite an experience. It was something unexpected and truly beautiful. People saw how wonderfully 2 cultures came together rather than choosing one over the other.” said Abhijit, the groom.

Answer & Abhijit's Interracial Marriage
Answer & Abhijit’s Interracial Marriage

The Interracial Marriage 

The couple had a 3-day wedding. The first day was a Christian wedding as per Answer’s rituals. That evening was the sangeet which also represented the after party for the Christian wedding. The next day was the Haldi which was a common custom in both the families. The Indian style wedding happened on the third day which included the Baraat, Varmala and Phere. While the wedding rituals happened in the Indian style, the baraat was welcomed in African style. Women of the house danced and sang wishing the couple good luck and a long life together. Things like these fill your heart – just how easily two completely different cultures blent in to become one.

Answer & Abhijit's Christian Wedding
Answer & Abhijit’s Christian Wedding
Answer & Abhijit's Hindu Wedding
Answer & Abhijit’s Hindu Wedding

Their Story

Answer and Abhijit met at a social change fellowship called Kanthari in Trivandrum. They got selected for their individual contributions in the social sector. While one was busy making digital classrooms available to the less fortunate in India, the other designed and executed media garages for underprivileged kids in South Africa. With a common interest in social work as the underlying principle of their friendship, it took them a few dates to understand that they really like each other. 

“We were from different parts of the world but we had so many things in common. Especially on how we look at the world differently and how we don’t want to live conventional lives. Neither of us wanted to simply work in the corporate world. We wanted to solve problems and create changes in the way society worked. We had an unsaid agreement that although challenging we wanted to live an interesting life. That’s how we hit it off.“ said Abhijit, the happy groom. Fast forward to a couple of months and the two were seen tying the knot in an interracial marriage.
With the duo playing an active part in social issues and trying to inspire change through their actions and life choices, there was no way they could have done a wedding without a gift registry.

On Gift Registry

“The gift registry was basic common sense to us. We lived in Bangalore and the wedding happened in Mumbai. So the waste involved in transporting the gifts from one location to another and throwing away perishable commodities or bouquets was not something we wanted and hence gift registry was a natural choice.”

The couple shared the gift registry with friends and family. While buying the gifts was a very smooth process for the guests it was also amazing just how the couple could set up their house with all the stuff they needed to start their new life together. 

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  1. Congrats both of them !!

  2. Amazing Love Story.
    Abhijit you always do things differently and I am happy to see that you find your life partner having the same frequency and mind set.
    May God Bless you and your better half with lot of happiness and digitalisation.
    All the Best Guys !!!!

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