6 Definite Reasons to Have a Small, Intimate Wedding in 2020

The latest buzzword in Indian weddings is intimate. It may not be what every couple dreamt of when they planned their big day, but its what the need of the hour is, and the only reality for couples getting married in 2020. So if you’re one of those who wanted a ceremony fit for kings, you probably need a hug right now. And, this list of reasons why it’s amazing to have a small, intimate wedding. 

So, here are 6 reasons why an Intimate wedding is a much better option than the big fat Indian wedding!

Planning a small, intimate wedding
Planning a small, intimate wedding

#1. Because you don’t want your honeymoon in quarantine! 

Ok, so maybe it isn’t the worst to be locked away with your better half for your honeymoon. But when one imagines that, you’re probably thinking a luxury water villa in the Maldives. Certainly not at your home, with temperature checks and oxygen readings. Safety and health are of utmost importance as we battle the worst pandemic our generation has seen. And with that in mind, an intimate wedding with a tiny guest list is not a bad thing at all.

#2. Because what you save on your wedding, can be used to make your marriage that much more fun! 

Let’s be real. Even if you try, you can’t spend more than a couple of lakh on a small, intimate wedding. And this means that the big fat budget you had set aside for your big fat wedding, can now become a big fat saving for your life ahead. And think of all the wonderful things you and your partner can do with it—make a down payment on your first home, buy your dream car or travel the world (when this is all over). The point is, you’ll be able to use this money is much more memorable ways.  

#3. Because no one will whisper behind your back when you do so! 

The greatest worry that any Indian family has when downsizing a wedding is “what will people say?” However, just this once, no one will question your decision about having a small wedding. After all, it’s what the law has mandated and what’s needed at this time. So you can get away with it without any of the usual judgment that comes with all things wedding. 

#4. Because you get to celebrate your big day with the most special people in your life.

A tiny guest list means that every single person at your wedding is extremely important in your life. And you get to celebrate with them only! It allows the closest people in yours and your fiance’s life to get to know each other and spend this time bringing in your big day. You can truly have an uninhibited celebration with these people. 

#5. Because technology can make amazing things happen

Worried about your out-of-station besties who live abroad and can’t make it? Or your favourite grandparent who can’t travel? With virtual weddings, you can call as many guests as you like to watch the live stream of your wedding. You can also host pre-wedding parties and sangeet practices on video chats, to make sure you don’t miss out on all the fun. And a gift registry makes it possible for guests attending virtually to buy you a gift of your choice!  Isn’t that perfect? 

#6. Because big or small, it’s still the beginning of your happily ever after…

The most important part of your wedding is that it’s the beginning of your new life with the one you love. And irrespective of the size of the celebration, nothing can take away from how special that day will be for you. So just keep calm and carry on! And also, don’t shy away from having an intimate wedding!

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