Isha Ambani’s Wedding Wishlist!

From masala blockbusters to romance novels, the rich-girl-poor-boy love story has been a popular one! Well, as Isha Ambani and Anand Piramal tie the knot this week, we witness a whole new spin to this classic tale—one where the relative definition of ‘poor’ is mind-bogglingly rich! Where wedding gifts to the couple include a Rs 450 crore sea-facing home. Where Beyonce is the wedding entertainment. And where a single wedding invitation costs lakhs!

So if you’re among the lucky few who are invited to this bedazzling event, or among the millions who wish they were, a question that’s bound to pop-up is what to gift the couple on their wedding. And before you answer, let’s get some perspective. Between the bride and groom’s family, they already own a monumental size business for EVERYTHING—fuel, clothing, internet, gadgets (like every single gadget), real estate, financial services, jewellery, health care, toiletries, and even groceries!!! So now, I ask again. What would you gift this couple?

What could be onIsha Ambani's Wedding Wishlist

What could be onIsha Ambani’s Wedding Wishlist

We got inside Isha and Anand’s shoes and tried to imagine what could possibly be on their Wedding Wishlist!

  • A win for Mumbai Indians?
  • Some respite from the family memes doing the rounds?
  • Better image management for the groom?
  • A date with Narendra Modi?

But if THEY can’t make any of this happen, it’s highly unlikely that their guests can. So here are some pretty amazing gift suggestions for the wedding wishlist of a couple-that-has-it-all!

  1. Share the love:

    This one’s the easiest and most rewarding choice of a gift. No couple can have enough blessings to start their married life with, and donating to a charity will definitely bring them a lot of good vibes.

  1. A luxury spa weekend:

    Weddings, especially grand ones, can be exhausting. A well-thought-out booking at a beautiful spa resort is not something any newlyweds would mind!

  1. Personalized gifts:

    No one would want to part with a gift that is tastefully customized for them. And travel offers a great opportunity to do so; from monogrammed luggage to custom-embroidered sleeping masks, the innumerable options and budgets cover the spectrum.

  1. Flower Delivery Service:

    This is one of the most thoughtful gifts you can give the couple. Pre-order a year of flower deliveries so every month on their wedding date the couple gets a beautiful bouquet and gift card. It’s guaranteed to bring a smile to their faces.

  1. A chance to bond:

    New marriages need adventure, love and time to flourish. Help the couple make the most of their time by gifting them an experience they can enjoy together. A cooking class, a day of pottery or even wine tasting—gift them a date they can bond over.

  1. A Wedding Wishlist:

    And finally, for the smartest guest of all, just ask the bride and groom to create a gift registry! Then everyone can stop scratching their heads, and get the couple-that-has-it-all a gift that would add meaning to their life together.

You can create your free wedding gift registry at

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