The Ultimate Karwa Chauth Checklist for All the New Brides

The firsts of everything are incredibly special. And, if you’re a newlywed you look forward to every milestone, tradition, and celebration in your marriage. We’re all aware that Karwa Chauth is one of the most anticipated festivals. Observing this marks good health and blessings to you and your partner. But with all the pressure of making it perfect, you may be a bit confused about where to start off, what check-list to maintain. Which is where we come in, we’ve compiled an ultimate Karwa Chauth guide for all the new brides so you’re not struggling. Whether you’re an old-school bride or a millennial one, our guide covers it all, because we understand how important this festival is for you, and want you to get it right.

Are you ready? Let’s dive in! 

Let’s begin by explaining a bit about Karwa Chauth, it’s a festival where you fast from sunrise to moonrise for the health and longevity of your partner’s life. This fast can be a little intimidating, because it’s your first one, ever. Secondly, there is quite a bit of temptation around so you’ve got to curb yourself. Given that we’re in a day and age where food delivery is at the tip of our fingers, you’ve really gone to keep your mind elsewhere and busy so you’re not tempted to break your fast! 

Karwa chauth
Karwa chauth

Moving on to our guide, of the things a newlywed bride should do and participate in to maintain the perfect Karwa Chauth experience. 

#1. First Sargi 

Your first Sargi will definitely be a memorable one, it’s a pre-dawn Karwa Chauth meal that is prepared by your mother-in-law! This is your first ever Karwa Chauth your mother-in-law will prepare it for you. The meal will help you maintain your energy levels for the rest of the day, (because you will be fasting throughout, remember?). This meal is extremely lavish and scrumptious. It consists of sweet and savory food items, and is blessed by your mother-in-law too! 

A pro tip: during your first Sargi, you’ll have to take the blessing of your mother-in-law. She will shower not only her blessings but a few presents too! Delicious food and incredible presents are a great perk to waking up early, isn’t it? 

#2. Karwa Chauth Thali 

On your list of things to do and get for your first, ever Karwa Chauth is a Karwa Chauth Thali! This may seem like a duh! moment, but can often slip from your mind. These thalis are easily available in the market so it shouldn’t be difficult for you to purchase one. This thali is an essential part for your Karwa Chauth as a lot of items will be placed on it during the puja. 

#3. Sieve 

A sieve is another significant part of your Karwa Chauth guide. Usually, when you purchase a Karwa Chauth thali a sieve comes along with it, but in one of those times if it doesn’t; don’t forget to purchase one! Now, if you’re wondering why do you need a sieve then take a moment, and visualize the scene from K3G! Ah, yeah that breathtaking moment… that’s the one you will be participating in, but with your partner, in IRL! 😉 

#4. Karwa 

Another super important element that needs to be a part of your Karwa Chauth thali is the Karwa. It’s a small earthen pot that is filled with drinking water. So that after you’re done with the spotting the chaand (the moon and your partner) and aarti, your partner makes you sip on the water so you can break your fast! *finally*

#5. First Baya 

Now you’re probably wondering, what’s a baya?

Baya is a gift that is given by your mother-in-law, as mentioned earlier; you will be given presents that will consist of a saree, jewelry, dry-fruits and so much more! Apart from the gifts given to you by your mother-in-law, your mother, as the mother of a newlywed will also have to bring gifts for all the family members. 

#6. The Puja Preparation 

The Karwa Chauth puja isn’t like any other, it’s an incredible auspicious puja with elaborate preparations. This puja is grand and very big, where not only your family members partake but also other newlywed brides are invited along with their families. This puja celebrates your marriage and showers blessings of happiness, good health, and long married life. Oh, and did you know that in this Puja you have to wear an outfit (lehenga or saree) that is equally festive and grand as your wedding! It’s a great thing, where you get to deck up and look all pretty. 

#7. Gifts From Hubby 

All that hard work you put in for your Karwa Chauth gets appreciated. We’re not just talking about the long-life of you and partner but also the fact that your partner will give you a gift! Especially, since you are newlyweds it’s imperative of your partner to shower you with gifts on your first ever Karwa Chauth fast. It’ll be the perfect ending to your long day. 

As a newlywed, you want to ensure that every festival is celebrated perfectly and remembered for a lifetime. Experiencing Karwa Chauth for the first time ever can be overwhelming especially because this is a festival that only married women celebrate. Hopefully, our guide is simple enough for you to remember and plan out your Karwa Chauth successfully. If there are any other things or elements you add to your Karwa Chauth guide, tell us in the comments!

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