15 Kitchen Appliances That Make For Great Marriage Gifts

When a wedding approaches there is excitement, happiness and of course the obvious question that lies in the minds of the guests; what should we get the newly married couple? Wedding gifts can be tricky because they are so many options but you need to get one that is practical and that will be used by the couple. When you think of a newly married couple, you think of them setting a new home. A new home would have a lot of requirements and pieces of equipment so what better marriage gifts than home appliances?

Kitchen Appliance- Marriage gifts
Kitchen Appliance- Marriage gifts

This is why we took the liberty to list 15 kitchen appliances that can be given as marriage gifts!

#1. Coffee Maker

A great way to kick start the morning would be with a freshly brewed cup of coffee. A coffee maker is an incredible marriage gift to the newly married couple because who doesn’t love coffee? If you cannot find the best coffee maker worry not, we have you covered.

#2. Blender

Giving a blender as a marriage gift would surely make you one the best gift givers. A blender is a useful kitchen appliance and is used in most of the cooking processes. There are different types of blenders available now, that can cater to your needs and expectations. e

#3. Toaster

A toaster may be a traditional marriage gift to people who are setting up their new homes but nonetheless it is a perfect gift. It is a kitchen appliance that is a must in the kitchen and comes in handy at any point of the day. There are so many brands and types of toasters available now that you have options to choose from. Either way, this is going to be a gift that will be loved by the couple. Pick your favourite one and gift it to the newlywed!

#4. Microwave

Have you seen a kitchen without a microwave? This is yet another must-have kitchen appliance in this day and age. This appliance is efficient and simple to use, which is why it is the most preferred appliance to purchase. Which makes this a great marriage gift, because this will be used and is a practical option. Instead of getting something a couple of never use, buy them a microwave, they’ll use almost every day.

#5. Oven

If the newly married couple has a hobby of baking then the perfect marriage gift is sorted! An oven is the best gift you could give them as they start their new journey and settle their new home. The use of an oven is not just limited to baking but can be used for various types of cooking. It is a smart gift for those starting their new homes. There are so many places where you can find a list of ovens best suited with your requirements.

#6. Electric Kettle

An electric kettle can be a good investment. In cases of not wanting to use a stove or hotplate to heat water, an electric kettle can be the best solution. A marriage gift has to be practical and this for sure checks the box. If you are wondering what kind of electric kettles are available, worry not. Check them out online.

#7. Rice Cooker

Rice is an essential food in many households. This is why giving a rice cooker as a marriage gift would be a unique but well-appreciated gift. Rice can definitely be cooked on a stovetop but with a rice cooker it is convenient and cooked perfectly. While cooking other dishes, not much attention or worry will be given towards rice if cooked in a rice cooker. There are many perks to using this kitchen appliance which is why we really recommend it as a marriage gift. You can check them out online and make your final decision.

#8. Mixers

A kitchen appliance such as a mixer is a great blessing to people who love to cook. Mixing spices to get the perfect paste is difficult if done manually. With the help of mixers, the process of cooking has gotten simpler and people have been able to come up with many other recipes. Gifting a high-quality mixer as marriage gifts will make the prepping of meals much simpler. Some of these mixers also come with some attachments makes it a multi-purpose kitchen appliance.

#9. Ice Cream Maker

If you are gifting a kitchen appliance to the newly married, give them something fun and different. Most gifts are usually conventional, but gifting them an ice cream maker would not only bring excitement to them but also make them try something new. It is a fun marriage gift and out-of-the-box. There are many options and brands to choose from. So choose them wisely.

#10. Pasta Roller

For the love of pasta, everyone deserves a pasta maker. A pasta maker/ roller is not only a different marriage gift idea but also ensures that what the person is making is homemade. This encourages the couple to enhance their cooking skills and try something new while at it. Everyone loves pasta so this will be a great investment and gift.

Marriage gifts-Pasta Roller
Marriage gifts-Pasta Roller

#11. Cold Press Slow Juicer

These days people are interested in organic and fresh food products. Who better than themselves to make it. A cold press slow juicer is not only a cool marriage gift but also encourages the newlywed to stay on the healthy side of life. They can make fresh juices to begin their day, and with the various attachments of the product, they can juice according to their preference.

#12. Water Purifier

An important appliance in the kitchen is a water purifier, everyone needs this at their home. Sometimes this can be forgotten till the end minute, so why not be the best friend and give this as a marriage gift? A water purifier has many features and come under a friendly budget so go ahead and pick one for your friends to use to start their new chapter in their home.

#13. Induction Cooker / Stovetop

What is a kitchen without an induction cooker or a stovetop? It is the heart of all kitchen appliances so the one that is bought has to be great. Giving this as marriage gifts may be a little different from what people usually gift but is nonetheless a superb gift. With many options available as to how to cook food, you can choose the best ones and give your newlywed friends a gift of a lifetime.

#14. Barbeque Grill

Who does not love a good barbeque, especially during the winter season? Also, barbequed food tastes incredible so giving this as a marriage gift would be a great investment and will also mean that the newlyweds will throw a lot of barbeque parties at home.

Marriage gifts-Barbeque Grill
Marriage gifts-Barbeque Grill

#15. Dishwasher

Last but not the least, a dishwasher. It is an essential kitchen appliance in a modern house and is a modern marriage gift. It will be convenient for the newlyweds in their new home. Clean dishes are always loved, but no one loves doing them. Giving this gift would make you a favourite amongst your friends.

Kitchen appliances make for amazing marriage gifts, their utility and practicality give a strong purpose for the newly married couple to use them. After all, when starting a new home you ought to have amazing new things!

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