Why Korean Skincare Is the Answer to Get That Wedding Glow!

A few years back, hardly anyone in India would have known much about South Korea apart from Hyundai or Samsung but with the increase in global popularity of South Korean culture or also known as Hallyu, there is no one who doesn’t know about it now!  Binging on heart-wrenching Korean dramas, grooving to K-pop, and fangirling on their God-level celeb, South Korea has become the dream country for most of us. At Least for me! But their skincare regimen is what is always trending. It has swept the beauty industry off its feet. 

Breaking the stereotype, Korean skincare is not only aimed at women but other genders as well. Believe it or not but the k-beauty regimen is religiously followed by all genders around the world. And why shouldn’t they! flawless, clear, luminous skin from within, hell yes!

The best part of Korean skincare is that it doesn’t aim to hide the issue but to actually tackle the issue. That’s why if you have noticed, their product comes in a similar fashion. Dry skin, acne-prone, depigmentation, elasticity boosting– just name it; it has a solution for every skin issue. 

Korean Skincare
Korean Skincare

So here are some reasons why you should absolutely switch to Korean skincare before wedding season

#1.  All for Nature

People are crazy about natural products but it’s not always good for them. And too much chemical is a big no-no. So here comes Korean skincare with the perfect balance of nature, cosmetics, pharmaceuticals, and technology.

Some products like E Nature’s Birch Juice Hydro line formulas completely replace water with birch sap which is full of electrolytes and antioxidants, thus providing the skin with intense hydration and soothing abilities when it is applied. The brand SkinFood has products that contain natural food extracts rather than artificial preservatives. Innisfree incorporates eco-friendly ingredients, such as organic green tea and camellia flower petals, grown in Jeju Island in South Korea.

Plus point, most of the Korean skincare and cosmetics contain sunscreen filters with high SPF, which protects the skin from the sun’s harmful rays!

#2. Works like wonder

With all the natural and exotic ingredients, Korean skincare also works like a wonder. It is taking over the world because of its effectiveness.

Korean skincare is ideal for any issue. Be it pigmentation, dry skin, acne, elasticity boosting, etc. For each problem, Korean skincare will give you a solution! 

Not only will they help prevent the issue but will also boost skin health with extra hydration and sun protection. They are formulated to be used consistently that will give long-lasting results. Healthy skin and the perfect glow! All I can say is, it is worth the hype!

#3. Not so heavy in the wallet

Now you must be thinking, with natural ingredients, advanced science and such effectiveness, for sure the products will cost a bomb. But no! And that is what makes them swoon-worthy. They are easy on the pocket! You can easily get a sheet mask for Rs. 100 and a volcanic pore cleanser for Rs 450 (150ml).

With their unique formulation and effectiveness, these prices are totally worth it!

#4. As unique as me

When you dive into Korean skincare, you will see that there is a certain way the regimen goes. The extreme regime can go as 10 steps twice a day! But fret not, the beauty of the Korean skincare regimen is that it’s flexible and made just for you.

First, you need to absolutely know about your skin, A to Z. Then find the perfect products for you. Go for the ingredients that your skin likes and your skin will thank you!

#5. Options options options!

Last but not least. You will find a huge assortment of basically everything. You want a foam cleanser, you’ll find hundreds of it. It can be so hard to land on that perfect cleanser but if you know your budget, skin type, ingredients, etc, then the list will definitely shrink down.

With many platforms providing k-beauty products now, you will soon find yourself wishlisting everything! There is everything for everyone. No genders and no age!

With so many reasons to convince you, pretty sure you’ll be trying your hands on it.  Get that wedding glow with this skincare and you’ll not regret it for sure. For more wedding related tips, you can read our blogs. Also, remember that you are beautiful and self-love is the first step to your skincare routine!

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