5 Life Lessons Learnt from Indian TV Shows in This Lockdown

Most of us have spent our lockdown binge-watching a fleet of new shows on popular streaming channels. As Netflix and Prime breathe new life into homegrown content, we’ve seen shows like Made in Heaven, 4 More Shots Please and Band Baaja Bride gain immense popularity. And riveting as they are, what’s truly made them resonate with such a large number of people is the refreshingly honest insights they offer into our culture and mindset.

Taking inspiration from there, we share the major life and style lessons we’ve got from these shows we watched in this lockdown.

Learnings from TV shows In Lockdown
Learnings from TV shows In Lockdown

#1. Try as hard as you want, in life (and wedding planning) things will go out of control. 

If the wedding planning mega show Made in Heaven taught us one thing, it’s that no matter how much you pre-plan every last detail of your wedding, things can always go awry in the end. It’s not your fault; it’s just how life is engineered! Tara and Karan’s wedding planning misadventures include runaway brides, stolen goods and unravelling of their personal lives! We even learnt that investigating prospective brides/grooms with the help of a detective/P.I. is a thing! And the best solution to all this? Take a cue from them and take it in your stride. Make the best of what you’ve got and own the end result like a star! 

#2. The magic ingredient in any marriage is compromise. Both partners don’t have to be the same, but they definitely have to be equal! 

Spoiler Alert! Umang and Samara’s tumultuous relationship, engagement and wedding planning journey in Four More Shots Please is the ultimate showcase of how equality and compromise are key to making any relationship work. Despite the unmistakable love the couple shares, they fail to make it work because of the skewed power equation between the two. While a couple can manage this for a little while, in the long run, no partner wants to feel lesser than the other. 

#3. Flower buns will NEVER go out of style! 

Trust us, when Sabyasachi gives you fashion advice, it’s no less than a life lesson, and this is one we totally swear by! In the hit reality show Band Baaja Bride, India’s most coveted bridal designer shares many style tips, and this one’s definitely the most classic. The designer got together with hair expert Shalini Singh to give bride Sakshi a stunning bridal bun with red roses. And we truly believe that you can innovate as much as you like on the kind of flower, but this is a style must-have for every bride. 

#4. Everything in life becomes easier, better and more beautiful when you have the right friends by your side! 

Both Made in Heaven and Four More Shots Please are poster shows for the power of having true friends around you. From the formidable girl gang Umang, Damini, Anjana and Sidhi in FMSP to Tara and Karan or Jazz and Kabir in MIH, it’s strong friendships that help these characters overcome life’s curveballs. And this is no less true in real life. Having a group of friends who’ll catch you when you fall is pretty much the best thing you can ask for! 

#5. Talk. Express. Communicate! 

And our final life lesson is a running theme across all three shows and our real life. The starting point of getting what you want, be it, love, career or the perfect wedding, starts by honestly and clearly communicating what you want. Damini wrecking her relationship with Jeh on multiple occasions because of her failure to speak the complete truth; Tara and Adil’s struggling marriage, stemming from neither of them having the time to talk about their problems; or brides letting the team know how they truly envision their dream wedding—open, honest conversations always lead to good things and this lockdown is a great opportunity to practise this! 

Watched these shows yet? Tell us what you learned from them in the comments below! 

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