Versatile Looks for the Bridesmaids and the Best Men

You only marry once, ideally, and you want everything to be perfect to make this occasion genuinely memorable. One of the things that make this occasion memorable is the looks of the entourage of the bride and groom. Not only are these people the besties of the bride and groom, but their style is also a key component to highlight the style of the bride and the groom. 

Over the years the fashion scene has witnessed a paradigm shift with the simple salwar kameez and kurta pajama giving way to abstract, avant-garde designs, and diverse color palettes. Outfit ideas for Indian best man and bridesmaid have exploded over the years and have incorporated elements like color coordination, layering, Indian and western confluence.

Bridesmaids looks
Bridesmaids looks

So here is the much-awaited :

The Bridesmaid: 

While choosing the trending bridesmaid dresses do please consider that each woman is unique in her own way and has her own personal style that matches her personality. A dress should accentuate the best attributes of the bridesmaid and downplay the worst. If you think different dress styles won’t match with each other then you’re worrying for no reason, different dress styles can easily be matched with each other using a common color palette, similar print, or embroidery.  

#1. The ingenious of Ivory

Ivory is an excellent alternative to the white dress the bride is wearing. Ivory delivers elegance and at the same time makes you more distinguishable from the bride. As Ivory is a very neutral color it will work with almost any color variation, though gold Accessories are known to suitably complement your dress by bringing out the cream and ivory shades. 

#2. Oceanic Hues

Navy blues, emerald greens, and alluring greys make up an interesting combination that translates into something spectacular. If well-coordinated the bridesmaids can use the contrast between different dress styles and colors to create a memorable wedding. The variety of options that open up allows every bridesmaid to bring out her best attributes, that being said ocean shades also allow you to take full advantage of the colors venue, be it waterfront property or clifftop venues.

#3. Lehengas for bridesmaids

Bridesmaids lehengas are one the most sought-after lace bridesmaid dresses for Indian weddings. Your bridesmaid party can experiment to their heart’s content to find the perfect dress which is suitable for such an occasion. You can have a different dress style for each of your bridesmaids to bring out her best features and color coordinate to show you belong to the bridal party. 

#4. Bridesmaid sarees

Trends may come and trends may go, Sarees are timeless, especially in the closet of an Indian woman. Every saree in an Indian women’s closet has a story to tell. This wedding gives this timeless Desi garment consideration and rocks those 6 yards with your fellow bridesmaids. Sarees have the natural quality of complementing the dress of the bride if worn properly and coordinated with the bride well in advance. 

#5. Anarkali Bridesmaids Dresses 

Anarkali dress for a Bridesmaids Dress is a good option when you’re on a low budget. Also when you want to build an outfit that you can also use for multiple occasions after the wedding has ended. Anarkali looks festive but will give your bridesmaids a unique style that makes them stand out from a sea of lehengas, shararas, and sarees. 

#6. Different shades of grey 

Truth isn’t the only thing that comes in multiple shades of grey, your bridesmaid can rock the different shades to truly differentiate themselves from the rest of people. Don’t forget each and everyone one of your bridesmaids has a different personality and attributes. Each of your bridesmaids rocking a different shade of ocean blue or emerald green will highlight their unique traits, variance in accessories like bouquets will also help your style. 

#7. Floral prints 

If you want your bridesmaid to wear colorful and vibrant floral pattern dresses, then there is no better way for your bridesmaid to dress than putting on some floral-inspired prints. The look of light greens, blues, oranges, yellows, and pinks against the traditional white of the bride will look spectacular for an outdoor wedding. You should prefer such dresses for springtime. Light jewelry of gold or silver is usually a good choice to accessorize such dresses. 

#8. Bridesmaid Jumpsuit 

Pantsuit and jumpsuits for bridesmaids is an idea that is gaining steam. If your wedding won’t focus too much on tradition then it will be appropriate to wear something with an edgy and trendy touch. A pantsuit or a jumpsuit can be chosen as a more minimalist, modern, and edgy alternative for the traditional dress that bridesmaids are expected to wear. Colors like, blue, grey, light pink and ivory, are good choices for such attire, Black, a timeless option, is also a good choice. Minimalist accessories are to be preferred with such options. 

The Best Man: 

When you think of weddings so much of the attention is focused on the bride and her bridesmaid attire that it feels the attire choices of the groom and best man are a trivial affair or entirely neglected. However, over the years the norm has changed dramatically. Now more than ever men have wider options, not only in traditional Indian clothing but also in western clothing. 

Experimentation with different color palettes, patterns, textures, and elements have made men’s wedding fashion an exciting affair. The days of having to choose between Black, White, Grey, and another shade of grey are over. Here are 8 different styles you can utilize for your best man fashion. 

#1. Black and white Tuxedo/Suit

You cannot go wrong with the old and reliable Black Tuxedo. Combine it with a white tuxedo shirt, black pants, and a black bow tie and you’re all set. If you’re low on budget, low on time, or low on both the black tuxedo is something that will deliver and ensure that your best man will be rolling in style. In suits, prefer a 3-piece instead of your standard 2-piece as that gives you more layers to play with and a 3 piece will look decent even without the jacket. 

#2. Think beyond the standard Black and White

A black tux with a crisp white shirt is the standard uniform for the best man. However, in these times it’s allowed for the best man to switch it up a little and experiment, the options are endless. When choosing the foundation of your looks, take into consideration bright colors, unconventional fabric like velvet, suit separators, imaginative bows or ties. Anything that goes beyond the basic white and black format is progress and makes you stand out. 

#3. The timeless Nehru jacket.

Nehru jackets are not just casual wear, that every man must have in his wardrobe, it’s also great formal wear and can be the perfect fit for your best man dress. Pair your stylish Nehru jackets with a similar, or different, hue kurta pajama. You can color coordinate with the groomsmen and complement the groom together. 

#4. Jacket-Free Look

If it is an outdoor wedding then the jacket-free look is something you can aim for. Not only will this make you stand out in a sea of suits and tuxedos, but this will also give you that edgy look. It can be achieved in a variety of different ways: from not wearing the jacket part of a 3 piece to a classic suspender looks from the 1920s. Just make sure you’re matching the formality of the wedding. 

#5. Sherwani suit 

Sherwani suits for your best man is an excellent choice. A good designer will be able to guide your best man properly on what type of sherwani is suitable for his body type and for the occasion. A relaxed wedding will call for something like a Sindhi mirror work sherwani or a Chikankari style sherwani suit, while a more formal wedding will demand something like Abstract Pleated Sherwani Suit or a Silk Brocade style Sherwani Suit.

#6. Go for patterns

From suits to sherwanis patterns can be suitable for the best man dress, as long as you choose them tastefully and don’t push the accelerator all the way. If you prefer a monochrome suit, consider making your suit more personalized by adding some patterns. If you do go for a patterned suit, start with something basic like checkered or chalk stripes. Make sure the pattern you choose blends in well with the groomsmen and the groom. 

#7. Men are allowed to wear pastels too!

Sometimes the classic black, brown, white, grey 1, and grey 2 just gets dull and repetitive. In such a situation pastels are an excellent alternative to the traditional colors. These light colors are most suitable for weddings where there are a certain vibrancy and enthusiasm. For functions like ‘Sangeet’ ‘and ‘Mehendi’ pastels should be given a serious thought.  

#8. Go with the seasonal flow

If you’re unsure of how to customize your look then one of the best ways to do so would be to check for the season. If the wedding is taking place in the winters, add a sweater, experiment with rich colors and textures. A velvet blazer or a tweed suit would be great in cold weather. If the wedding is in summer or someplace warm, experiment with pastels and light colors, and materials that are breathable like cotton and linen should be preferred. 

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