Love Tip: Women, Ask Men Out Too

Hold on. Before we jump into the feminism bandwagon, let me tell you something. Ever since I got into the dating culture and among the many girlfriends of mine, I realized I was really the only person who planned dates on my own and did all those hopeless romantic stuff. And that’s when this idea popped up. About how we wait for the men to ask us out on the ideal date. It’s not our fault, of course. We were told it was that way. So here goes a personal experience rant, a love tip follows. If you’re reading this and you have already done this, then nothing better than that. We are a team now 😉

So let’s turn around things for a bit. Have you ever dreamt of an ideal date? Or an ideal getaway with your boy? And you just kept imagining these things, giving him subtle hints? Well. How about executing it yourself? He’s always going to do it every once in a while. But what if you take the leap and take him out? I am sure there are a lot of you who did it just like me and it felt damn good, didn’t it?


My romance had taken a backseat. We did nothing but meet at home, a random wedding or group dinners. There was intimacy every once in a while, but I did not remember the last time it was just us, talking, sipping cocktails and enjoying a meal by ourselves. So one day, I woke up and set out. I first picked up some new clothes for myself. Then went over to the Men’s section, selected two shirts, meanwhile also picked up accessories he always loved on me and got back home.

I sat down and put together my skills and designed a date invite with a caricature of both of us. Yes, technology makes it all so easy for us, so might as well make the most of it right? All I put down in the card was ‘Will you dine with me?’ with venue details. I sent the invite with two shirts to choose from, to my guy’s office.

And there he was at 10 that night, waiting below my house to go out for dinner. I dolled up too and minutes later I was dining with him. My ideal date was ticked off from the list. We spoke for long hours, tried out all our favourite drinks from the bar and most importantly, embraced the romance. We caught up on the small gestures we lost out on, we complimented each other and discussed everything that was ever us. And all through this, it never mattered for a minute of how who initiated this whole thing. I asked my guy out on a date, in a super cheesy manner and did not regret it for a second.

Everything I wanted was right there and yes, I made it happen. Just like how he made it happen a gazillion times before. I just did not want to wait for the right occasion or give away all those million hints and hold on to my plans, disappointed. Instead, I went ahead and pulled it off myself. And it felt bloody good. I have always wondered what it felt like to step out of the shower someday and notice a dress lying on your bed with a note that says ‘Date time’. Really, dreamt of it for years. (Months later, it did happen) And then it struck me. The amount of happiness it could bring someone else too. Someone just like me? And who better than my man? So I gifted him the joy that I knew would put a smile instantly on his face.

And after all, we went to bed content.

A date is enough cliche, so why not make it happen anyway, by yourself? Just the way you like it.

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