Makeup Looks to Help You Sail Through Festive Season in 2019

It’s our favourite time of the year—weddings, festivals, parties! And as you get your wardrobe sorted, we’ve got the accompanying makeup looks to take your style quotient to the next level. From Navratri to Christmas, from Diwali to Eid, and all the weddings in between, this list of will suit every type of makeup enthusiast.

Makeup Looks
Makeup Looks of 2019

Here are the latest makeup looks that we are crushing on!

#1 Minimal Makeup

Via kiaraaliaadvani

Like to keep it natural? Go for a natural or minimal makeup look. It goes with every outfit and looks effortless. 

How to create this look : 

The minimal makeup look is all about the base. Get the base right, blend it well and your 80% work is done. Moisturise your skin well and use a primer before applying the foundation. Remember, it’s a soft look so you can skip contouring. Apply light blush that looks like a natural flush on your cheeks. You can use the same blush as eyeshadows, or you can skip eyeshadows altogether. Apply a nude shade lipstick and lots of mascara. Fill your eyebrows, and you are good to go. 

#2 Bold eyes, minimal lips 

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You can never go wrong with smokey eyes. It’s one of the makeup looks that suits Indian skin tones beautifully. For an evening event, opt for bold smokey eyes and keep the rest of the face neutral. 

How to create this look : 

Always start with your eye makeup when going for this look. There’s a high chance of eyeshadow fallout which you can clean before applying the base. The simplest way of creating this look is by applying a thick coat of black or brown liner on your lower and upper lash line and smudging it. Go for a nude lipstick and you are done.

#3. Bold lips, minimal eyes

Via aishwaryaraibachchan_arb 

When in doubt, apply red lipstick. It somehow suits everyone and instantly ups the glam quotient. If you opt for a bold and bright colour for lips, keep the eyes simple.

How to create this look :

Pick a dark and bright lip colour like red, pink or marsala and keep the rest of the face neutral. You can add a winged eyeliner to complete the look.

#4. Dewy Makeup

Via aliaabhatt

One of the most popular makeup looks of 2019 is dewy makeup. If you want to look radiant and illuminating, this is the perfect makeup look for you.

How to create this look :

Invest in a good strobe cream to add luminosity to your skin. If you don’t want to spend on one, you can take a little bit of highlighter and mix it with your moisturiser before applying on the face. When it comes to blush and eye shadows, go for a tinted product rather than a highly pigmented one. You can also choose a peach or pink lipstick and use it as a blush. Apply highlighter on the high spots of your face. Keep rest f the look simple and nude.

#5. Matte

Via ritikahairstylist

Perfect for oily skin, matte makeup is great to hide the T-zone shine. It not only hides fine lines but also looks great in pictures. Matte makeup products usually don’t contain mineral oils and will not melt off your face. If you have dry skin, make sure you moisturise well before applying matte makeup.

How to create this look :

Use a good primer to ensure your pores are closed. Do not use any cream or oil-based products. Set your makeup with a setting powder or a setting spray to make it long-lasting. Finish the look with a matte lipstick.

#6. Dramatic eyes 

Via corallistablog

If you are the kind of girl isn’t afraid of experimenting and likes to keep it colourful, this is one of the perfect makeup looks for you. Take those metallic eyeshadows and colourful mascara out and get playful. Leave the blacks and browns aside and use colours that match your outfit. There are no rules for this look, so mix matte and shimmer, bright and nude colours, just have fun with makeup. 

How to create this look :

Keep rest of the face neutral and let your eyes do the talking. You can use different shades of eye shadows for your eyelid and a different shade for the inner corner. Opt for bright colours and neons, and you will surely make heads turn.

#7. Coloured liner 

Via sandhyashekar

Extremely easy to create, this is the trend to follow in 2019 festive season. If you are a lazy person when it comes to makeup or you do not have time to get ready, this is one of the makeup looks that will take you from basic to glamorous in less than a minute.  

How to create this look :

Invest in a metallic eyeliner of a bright colour that will go with most of your outfits and create a thick wing. You can also use it on the inner corner of your eyes. If you want to make it more dramatic, you can mix two coloured eyeliner as well.

#8. Bindi 

Via Sonakshi Sinha

This festive season, go traditional with a bindi to go with your Indian outfit. There’s a bindi design for every type of girl and it brings instant elegance to the entire look. 

How to create this look :

Bindi comes in all shapes, sizes and colours. Glitter or matte, round or square, big or small, you can choose any bindi that goes with your outfit. You can choose the one that matches your outfit or a contrast colour. If you choose a matte makeup look, go for a matte bindi, and if you choose a dewy makeup look, you can opt for a glitter bindi. 

#9. Ombre Eyeliner

Via kaushal

There is so much we can do when it comes to eye makeup. Whether it is nails or eyes, ombre is in. Ombre eyeliner is perfect for an evening look. You can choose the colours of your choice to create this look.

How to create this look :

If you know how to create a wing, this look will be a cakewalk for you. All you need to do is create an outer wing first with the colour of your choice. Extend it inwards till the centre with another colour and complete the wing all the way till your inner corner with the third colour. Make sure you blend the edges well, and you are good to go.

These festive makeup looks can also be used for the wedding season. To stay updated with the latest beauty, fashion and wedding trends, check out our Ideas Page!

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