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As you’re all probably aware, the Pokémon craze is real. You’ve gotta catch ‘em all! Though there have been some hair-raising stories (stumbling on a dead body!) and complaints (“my house is a Pokémon gym! It’s hell”), it’s clear that this obsession is here to stay.

What most people fail to realise is that though this is a ‘new’ addiction, Pokémon is older than a lot of its players. Don’t believe me? Wikipedia it! The franchise was conceptualised in 1995. That makes Pokémon 20 years old. No wonder it has such a huge fan following.

Taking that into consideration, it’s not surprising that so many people are making Pokémon themed wedding plans. The franchise played a big part in their childhoods. And for others, Pokémon is the way they connected with friends and changed the way they explored the world around them. Not bad for some oddly named (and shaped) animated characters! Here are some great ways to make your wedding everyone’s favourite PokéStop!

  1. Making The Right Choice:

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The words “I choose you” hold a lot of significance for Pokémon gamers. For couples, they hold even more. Use the name of the first ever Pokémon episode to propose to your spouse-to-be, and set the tone for the rest of your wedding plans. Plus, you’ll get some ‘candy’ (or rather brownie points) if you use a Poké ball while you do it.

  1. Razz Berry Cake, Anyone?

Your wedding cake is a great way to showcase your individuality, and add a personal touch to otherwise formal ceremonies. If you’re committed to a Pokémon theme, you can feature a whole cast of characters on your cake. The more Pokémon the better! If you want to keep it simple and subtle, you can also just opt for some discreet cake toppers of bobbleheads– those are easy enough to add to a wedding checklist!

  1. It’s In The Details:

If you’re not keen on making your wedding a full-on Pokémon fiesta, you can show your appreciation for the games in the tiny details. From a Pikachu themed manicure to Poké ball shaped belt buckles, there’s plenty of places you can advertise your Poké love!

  1. Say Yes To THAT Dress:

Every bride wants to stand out on her wedding day. What is more memorable than a Pokémon dress? The answer is nothing, nothing is going to beat that! You can opt for intricate detailing (perhaps a thin border for your dress featuring your favourite characters) or a bold statement (bright yellow Pikachu dress, anyone?) – the choice is ultimately yours. Either way, you’ll have fun and have a day and outfit to remember.

  1. Share The Experience (Points):

Many brides and grooms like to give members of the bridal party gifts to thank them for their support and help. Make your wedding bobbleheads gifts Pokémon themed ones to share the essence of the experience with your loved ones. From bow ties to bath robes – you can personalise all your presents to reflect the theme of your big day.

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