Manurut & Keshav’s Tips to Deal with the Corona Pandemic

Most of us dream of our wedding as being straight out of a fairytale—a prince, a princess, hundreds of loved ones, a celebration to remember, and a happily ever after. And just because your wedding may have been postponed due to the corona pandemic, does not mean you have to let go of this dream. It just means a little tweak here and there. Wedding Wishlist couple Manurut and Keshav were in the same boat, with a wedding planned on 27th April. The couple, like many others, had to postpone their big day but was clear they were still going to have their perfect celebration.

Here’s how they re-planned their big fat wedding, adjusted to the new world created by the corona pandemic!

Corona Pandemic Tips
Corona Pandemic Tips

#1. Scale down the functions, amp up its “specialness” 

“We’re both Jats with huge families and had initially planned a 1000 people wedding with many functions. We had separate pre-wedding functions- Mehendi, sangeet and cocktail. However, now when we re-plan our wedding we’ll combine our functions, and celebrate with just close family and friends,” says Manurut. Not only will this offer the couple an intimate celebration, but they can make the functions even more special so every loved one remembers it. The idea is to still make it a fairytale wedding, but what one gives up in scale can be amped up in style. 

#2. Look as gorgeous as ever 

Like many brides, Manurut too had all her outfits ready. “While luckily Keshav’s sherwani was not yet done, all my outfits were. So I’ll have to add a jacket or a scarf to all my outfits. Thankfully, my bridal lehenga colour was red, which is one that works round the year.” She also ended up with more outfits than she needed, but plans to use the best combination of the options. After all, big or small, nothing says a fairytale wedding like a bride who looks like a princess. 

#3. Make your honeymoon happen, and count! 

“We were planning to go to Italy and travel other parts of Europe for our honeymoon, and that’s obviously not going to happen now. But we’re not going to let this situation steal our special getaway. If the travel situation does not get better by the year-end, our plan is to go trekking in India and show each other all the places we love in our country or explore new ones together. It will be a honeymoon where we tick things off our bucket list.”  With the corona pandemic forcing people to think national, gorgeous honeymoons within the country are a great idea. 

Manurut & Keshav’s story…

“Keshav and I met on October 5th 2019, on a nice sunny day for coffee and banter. It was blissful. He checked all the boxes for me and I knew he was the man I wanted to call my husband. Fortunately, even he felt the same way. Wedding planning started in full swing and we decided the big day was to be April 27, 2020. 

The whole family was happy and blessed us both. After 14th February, our engagement,  we were full-fledged into the planning and counting days to our wedding. The D’ day wasn’t far for us when the Corona pandemic became a serious issue for India. Our parents were kind enough to give us the responsibility to make a decision on whether or not we wanted to postpone the wedding. But the idea of not having a dream big fat Indian wedding was alien to us. Both of us are so full of life, and we wanted a celebration that reflected that. While I had apprehensions before, I realized two days later that the decision was correct, and I wanted my dream wedding to be real. 

We both always wanted to know each other better before the wedding, and now, we get the time to understand each other, our families, our life, our future. Over the past month, the number of video calls have increased. I have spoken to my in-laws way more than I did earlier. We play online games together. He is trying to ace cooking and I finally got admitted to a PhD. We even recently started working out together. All in all, it has been a great time to reflect on ourselves, individually and together.

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