Everything You Need to Know If You’re Marrying a Tamilian!

Bollywood has so many misconceptions about Tamilians that anything and everything in the south belt is Tamil a.k.a Madrasi for them. Here’s a newsflash guys, not every south Indian is a Tamilian. A Tamilian is a person whose mother tongue is Tamil,  a language spoken in Tamil Nadu, duh! From Gounders, Chettiars, and Iyers to Tam-brahms, there are over a hundred different communities in Tamil Nadu. But if you’re marrying a Tamilian, then there are just some things that you can expect that are common to all Tamilians. 

Marrying a Tamilian
Marrying a Tamilian

Here’s everything you need to know when marrying a Tamilian!

#1. If you know only Vannga Ponga, you can simply Ponga

Get Out

Don’t know Vaanga Ponga also? Wow, you’re in trouble. Also, it means ‘to come’ and ‘to go’! Tamils are very (raised to the power of a gazillion) proud of their language. So if you don’t know basic Tamil, and are marrying a Tamilian, you’re doomed. Here’s a culture that dates back over two thousand years, and their culture and language is very important to them. Even though you don’t know the language, you making an effort will make all the difference and endear you to them!

#2. Get ready to fall in love with Idly and Dosa

Idli Dosa

No, Tamilians don’t eat only Idly and Dosa! But that is by no means a measure of their love for these delicious essentials. Take a Tamilian away from their home and rest assured by the 2nd week you’ll see them craving Idli and Dosa, and moving heaven and earth to get them. 

#3. Rise and Shine Sunshine!

Waking up early

If you’re marrying a Tamilian, forget late-night weddings. Your wedding will happen at the break of dawn and sometimes even earlier. So if you’re a night owl, that’s just too bad! This community firmly believes in early mornings. So if you want your beauty sleep, tuck in early. 

#4. “What do you do” is always followed by “what have you studied”?


To a Tamilian, it doesn’t matter how rich you are (Ok, maybe just a tiny bit). What you’ve studied is one of the most important things to them, second only to what you do. If you’re a doctor or engineer, you’ve already become their favorite son/daughter!

#5. Get ready for the machans and machis


This has now become a gender-neutral pronoun for Tamilians. So, get ready to hear a lot of mama, macha, and machi at your wedding. If you only go by the literal meaning, you’re in for the most confusing times of your life. 

#6. Fall in Love with the filter coffee a.k.a. Kaapi

Coffee Love

Tamilians, especially the Brahmins are known for their amazing filter coffee which to them is kaapi. One sip and you’re in heaven. If you’re a coffee addict, this is your nirvana!

#7. Silk sarees and Gold Galore!

Jewellery Love

Sarees are close to their heart. If you’re attending a function or even at your wedding, expect most of them to turn up in sarees, especially Kanjivaram. Kanjivaram silk sarees are revered by the Tamilians and it is one of their most prized possessions! If silk saree is the peanut butter, Gold is definitely the jelly. Say goodbye to your solitaires. It’s time to switch to Gold!

#8. Family includes the extended

Big Family

A Tamilian is bound to have a huge family. To this brood, the family also includes the extended. So, if you see 5 aunts, 10 uncles and 11 nieces and nephews, it’s not a ‘yours, mine and ours’ situation. It just includes the extended family and if you’re going to become a part of one, then get ready to be showered with all the love and affection that comes with becoming a new member of the brood!

#9. If your name has a lone H, it’ll never be the same again!

Stand Up

Rahuls become Ragul, Snehas become Snekas and your name will have so many weird spellings. Unwanted K’s and G’s are a part of their vocabulary. You’ll know a hundred different ways of pronouncing your name, only here!

#10. Their Idols are their Gods

True Gods

No, these are not the idols you find in temples. These are the idols that you find in movie theatres. They idolize their celebrities a lot. Speak one word ill of them, especially Rajini and see the hellfire pouring! Also, if you’re not a Tamilian making fun of their culture, language anything else is a big no-no. If you do make that mistake when you’re new to the community, may God save you!

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