Muthu & Rangashree

‘Practical Magic’ is a phrase that might seem like too much of a contradiction to apply to any couple. Well, Muthu and Rangashree have proved us wrong. This lighthearted and quirky couple are both pragmatic and fun – a great combination in our books!

Muthu and Rangashree

Muthu and Rangashree

Instead of opting for extravagant luxury items (though we love those too!), Muthu and Rangashree made some smart choices based on their circumstances. We’ve broken them down so that you can too:

Home Is Where The Hearth (And Heart) Is

Gift coupons and cards are, in some ways, the most useful and versatile presents. They’re are great way to give the couple something that is tailored to their tastes and also giving them the freedom to choose their own wedding gifts.

Gift Cards

Gift Cards

At Wedding Wishlist, we’re big believers in the power of the gift card, which is why we were thrilled when Muthu and Rangashree opted for a few of them. Brands like Fabindia, Auroville, Good Earth, Kalpa Druma, Lifestyle and Urban Ladder are wonderful choices for a new couple who are starting out on their journey together. Plus, it definitely gives Muthu and Rangashree an edge while tackling their first big task – setting up a home together.

Does That Appli(ance)?



Anyone who has ever set up a new house or apartment will tell you that it’s a stressful business. Between shifting in furniture and other necessities – you barely have time to think about what’s next. However, appliances play a big part in making your home a comfortable one. Refrigerator, washing machine, air conditioner, stove, microwave, oven – the list seems endless.

Rangashree and Muthu decided to let their guests help them out by purchasing these ‘big ticket’ items. Often, smaller appliances tend to slip through the cracks, but these two have got things figured out! They also received a mixer-grinder and a rice cooker. Looks like they’re all set to cook up a storm.

Worried you won’t have anything to serve your guests with? This happy couple signed up for some lovely serveware as well. Copper place settings, mason jar glasses, colourful chai tumblers – Muthu and Rangashree have definitely injected their own unique style into their wishlist.

Let’s Take A Trip

Holiday Package

Holiday Package

No wedding is complete without the honeymoon. After all the hard work, crazy schedules, and catching up with all your friends and family, it’s essential that you find some time to relax. That’s where the honeymoon comes in! Whether it’s a Goan jaunt or a staycation at a hill resort – you can choose from a variety of options on Wedding Wishlist.

Muthu and Rangashree decided to leave the planning for later and chose a voucher. We know that whether it’s one big trip or a series of small ones, these two newlyweds are on the right track. We at Wedding Wishlist are thrilled that we helped them get there!

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