Ankush & Runjhun

When you first meet Runjhun and Ankush, you get the impression that the formality and ceremony of the wedding was secondary to their enjoyment of it. An attitude we can get behind! They were looking for a way to avoid receiving tedious wedding gifts – hideous wall clocks, numerous giant Ganeshas, and ugly lamps – and we were only too happy to help!

Making A List, Checking It Twice

Runjhun explains, “We’d heard of the concept of Wedding Wishlist all across the globe, but not in India. Then I heard from a few friends that the concept was in India as well.” The timing was perfect, and suited their needs. She says, smiling, “We think it’s worked for us.”

Not wanting to clutter their new home in Bangalore with things they didn’t really need, Runjhun said that creating a Wedding Wishlist was a simple yet effective solution. “We had the option of choosing what we needed while setting up the house. Be it the kitchen, be it the home furnishings or anything for personal use.”

Wishlist Couples - Runjhun & Ankush

They both found the website easy to navigate and use. Runjhun says, “I think the website is pretty well made, with all the options under different tabs. So it was easy to find what we needed.”

The Wedding Wishlist Perks

They both appreciated the group gifting concept, and were relieved that their friends and family didn’t have to spend too much on the more lavish gifts. Ankush says, “If a gift is really expensive, rather than putting the burden on one person, multiple people can contribute.” He also liked the uncomplicated process, saying, “It was easy for people to go online and shop – for gifts of my choice.”

Wedding Wishlist is all about meeting customer needs. From finding products that meet your requirements to helping you create and curate your wishlist; our team works tirelessly to make your experience a wonderful one. So, it was extremely satisfying when Runjhun mentioned customer service and said it was one of the biggest perks of working with WWL.

Wedding Wishlist Perks & Group Gifting

“The prompt responses from the team definitely made me feel good about Wedding Wishlist. It really helped build the trust factor. They responded to every query and help me out. The team themselves would ask me – do you want us to send reminder emails to the guests who have not bought gifts? During the last week when I was very busy, I didn’t have to look through it, they were manning it for me. They regularly sent me updates by mail,” Runjhun says.

The Feedback From Friends & Family

Runjhun laughs, and says, “A lot of them told me after the wedding that when I sent them the details, with my wishlist, they were a little taken aback.  How can somebody really ask upfront? Not everybody – maybe 20-30 percent of them. But slowly they saw the merit. They also understood that it will take them time to go to the store and find everything.”

Trips Over Toasters Couple - Runjhun & Ankush

She elaborates, “They all said they were initially skeptical but when they saw the ease of purchasing through the website, and the options available, and that it was being delivered; they didn’t have to really worry about taking the product to their place and then bringing it to us. It worked for them.”

It worked for us too! We are always happy when we have happy customers; especially when those customers also have happy endings. Thank you, Ankush and Runjhun for using our services. We can’t wait to see what the future has in store for you both.

Feedback From Friends & Family

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