7 Things That Make This Couple the Ideal Millennial Couple

Millennials are smart, tech-savvy and environmentally conscious. They love travel, art and solution-driven thinking. And one millennial couple we met recently exemplifies it all—Krupa and Polash. Having met at IIT, where they were doing their masters in Development studies, they were big on sustainability and simplicity. 

Here’s what we think makes this couple the ideal millennial couple!

Ideal Millennial Couple - Krupa & Polash
Ideal Millennial Couple – Krupa & Polash

Biker couple

Polash was a biker and he loved to take long road trips. Krupa being quite the adventurous person herself loved to be part of their long and not-so-long bike rides. Oh, and not to forget they had names for their bikes too – Gulabo & Soorma

They don’t have a picture from the proposal

The millennial generation is one that practically lives on their phones. Pictures are an essential part of their day. And when it comes to special days, they can’t go without a 1000 pictures. But then there is another side to this generation – the group that believes in making memories. Krupa and Polash were having a wonderful time in the sand dunes of Rajasthan when Polash decided to pop the question. 

“Before I left for Bangalore to work, we took a longish road trip to Rajasthan from Delhi. That’s when Polash decided to pop the question. It was one memory that will be etched forever in my mind. And I don’t regret not taking a picture that day because I don’t need it. That day and that trip are going to be fresh in my memory forever.” she said.  

They aced long distance

They say long distance is the biggest test in a relationship. This couple aced it. “Polash was in the 4th year when I joined college. So naturally, he had to move out for work. We stayed in a long-distance relationship for about 3 and a half years, until I joined work in Delhi to be near him.” she said. 

Eco-friendly wedding

“Polash works in the Centre of Science and Environment and I am very passionate about the environment too”. Having worked and studied in the environment space, Krupa and Polash had to try and do something about the way their wedding was planned. It’s probably impossible to have a completely zero-waste wedding in India, but we wanted to try and do as much as possible to keep it waste-free” she said. 

The duo resorted to a no-flower decoration policy. The decor was done with fabric and lights. The caterers and venue vendors were given orders not to use any single-use plastic. The refreshments were also planned in such a way that there was no need for glasses. “We decided to do coconut water for refreshments during the wedding. That didn’t need any plastic water bottles or glasses.”

Gift Registry

Waste in any form is waste. Wedding gifts amount to a big amount of waste at Indian weddings. Be it the flowers and bouquets or the Ganesh idols and lamps, anything that the couple doesn’t use is wasted. This millennial couple decided to do a gift registry so they could make use of the gifts they needed to set up their new home. 

Our home is fully furnished by the gifts we received from the registry. We wanted to make sure our guests accept the registry. We picked the gifts in such a way that 

  • It would fit into our guests’ budget.
  • Would be things we needed to set up our house
  • It would be something that the guest would like to give us. 

They support free journalism

Being environmentally and socially conscious individuals, Krupa and Polash believed in the right to the right information. Part of their registry also included contributions to ‘The Wire’ and ‘Alt news’, both media houses that believe are providing the right information. 

“Apart from the homeware and contributions I also added a charity that was really close to my heart,” said Krupa.

Just like the couple they were, their registry too was an interesting mix of a lot of things – cash, charity, homeware, gift cards and more. 

Respecting cultures

Krupa and Polash’ was a Hindu-Christian wedding. They had bengali songs at the church wedding. There was a sadhya post the church wedding. The Arya Samaj ceremony served delicious Bengali food too. 

“It was really nice to see both the cultures blend together and come together for 2 people who loved each other,” she said. 

If you’re wondering what the love story of this millennial couple is, then here it is from the bride herself.  

“I had a crush on Polash ever since I had seen him in college. He had that cute afro look and roamed around on a bike. He came across as a very good guy. One day I had to message him to check on the computer lab and then we got talking. He asked me out for coffee one day. I obliged and from then on we started to date. Fast forward to 6 and a half years and we’re now tying the knot.” she said.

So if you’re a millennial couple tying the knot soon, do not forget to consider a smart and waste-free wedding. 

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