5 Mistakes to never make in your Online Wedding Invitation

Every year there is a steady rise in the number of couples who have smart, waste-free and eco-friendly weddings. And with the rise of the internet in recent years, it has played a massive role in making this process easy and a lot more cost-friendly. From finding vendors online to making reservations, getting inspiration and even communicating with guests, everything is so much faster and more accessible with the Internet. It’s no wonder that Online Wedding Invitation has become the norm for young couples.

Online Wedding Invitation
Online Wedding Invitation

Is an online wedding invitation really a good idea?

The answer to that is a big fat YES! If you opt for an online wedding invitation, you are not limiting yourself to a single card with design and text. Music, a video message or even an animation clip can be included in the online invite. The possibilities are endless.

Not only do online invites offer you and your partner a chance to explore your artistic side, but they also double as a great way of setting up a virtual guest list with the option to RSVP. Those who receive the invite and respond with yes (which they generally do), are automatically placed on a guest list spreadsheet, thereby giving you an accurate headcount. You can also add Google Map locations on these, making it a breeze for your guests to reach the venue. 

Apart from helping with the planning, your online wedding invitation is eco-friendly. Going green is a major wedding trend these days. Saving on paper by opting for an online invite is one of the many ways you can have an eco-friendly wedding. 

And finally, the one thing that every couple planning a wedding wants to hear— online wedding invitations save A LOT OF money! Printing out hundreds of professional-grade invitations can be really expensive. Not only do you have to bear the expense of printing them, but there are also postage costs to be considered as well. Of course, it does cost money to have an online invite designed. But in comparison to printing them, the designing costs are negligible. 

So if you are planning your online wedding invitation, here are some common faux pas that you must avoid. 

#1. Knowing when to send them out.

Online wedding invitations are not decades old in India. But they are a trend that turned into a norm only in the last few years. Which is why you want to focus on making sure your wedding website (which you should definitely have) and the invite are among the top priorities in the early stages of the planning. The latest you can send out the invites is 8 weeks before your big date, and 12 weeks if it is a destination wedding. This is enough time for guests to make reservations and plan leaves.  

#2. Designs, colours and themes. 

The online wedding invitation is going to be your guest’s first feel of what your wedding is going to be like. If it is a beach wedding, you can incorporate a similar theme in your invite. However, you should keep in mind that ‘less is more’. Trying to include every online invite idea from Pinterest into one, will end up looking pretty jazzy. Instead, try having a neutral base colour such as White, champagne, grey, or tan. Always remember the most important aspect of the invite is the text, avoid using too much design and colour, which might draw attention away from the content.

3. Conveying the right information

Requesting someone to attend your wedding can be worded in countless ways. The information that is to be conveyed through the invite should not be excessive or insufficient. Starting out the online wedding invitation with a minimal poem or quote brings about a warm feeling. Make sure additional information such as pre or post-wedding events is mentioned to those invited. Dress code, and most importantly a link to your wedding website should also be mentioned. If you include your website link on the invite, guests can browse through your gift registry and get detailed information.  It’s not wrong to create and include a wedding hashtag so that the hundreds of pictures the guests are going to be taking are all tagged under the same. You can even include your social media handles; it seems to be a growing trend in recent times.

4. Proof-reading and Grammar

Misspelling the names of your in-laws or providing phone numbers with missing digits must be avoided at all costs. Proofreading the invite a few times before you send them out is a must. You can even ask your close friends and family to help you to make sure there are zero errors.  When it comes to content that goes into invites, there are certain “Wedding terminologies” that are used. For instance, if you are specifying a religious location you should say it probably like, “Requesting the honour of your presence at…” For a more informal setting, you can go with, “We would be delighted for you to join us at…”. It is not necessary to include the street address of a well-known location. Door numbers are allowed but there is no need for postage or zip codes. 

5. RSVP 

By choosing the right platform to get your invite, you can incorporate the RSVP information into the invite itself and get the guest’s RSVP with a few simple clicks. This is a priceless feature. It helps you get vital headcount details that go a long way in helping you plan things ahead. As I mentioned earlier online invites are quite modern and that can be a problem for some. This is why every invite should be accompanied by a phone call from you or your wedding party depending on how close you are to the invitee.        

Hope these pointers were helpful to you. Still, need a little help in designing that perfect Online Wedding Invitation? Feel free to visit Wedding Wishlist!

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