3 Reasons Why Neethu & Reeves Created a Gift Registry

Millennial couples these days are practical, environment conscious and good decision-makers. Neethu and Reeves, two individuals from Bangalore are perfect examples of smart and practical millennial couples. Having met through an online platform and some mutual friends, Neethu and Reeves hit it off and before they knew it, they were ready to get married. With the use of eco-friendly decor, a gift registry and a food waste management system in place, this duo planned an eco-friendly wedding. While it is fairly easy to manage the food and decor, the wedding gifts are tricky because it involves the guests. But Neethu and Reeves were sure they wanted to go for a gift registry. 

Here are 3 reasons why Neethu and Reeves created a gift registry for their wedding. 

Neethu & Spurgeon's Gift Registry Story
Neethu & Spurgeon’s Gift Registry Story

Eco-friendly wedding 

The couple decided to have a sustainable wedding by getting the big things right – Food, Decor and gifts.

Food – Food and food-related items account for the biggest waste at Indian weddings. The food was served in biodegradable items like plantain leaves. All the wasted food was given away for charity to places that were known by the family.  

Decor Ever seen a wedding hall post the event? Flowers, balloons, plastic and paper are littered all over the place. Flowers used for decor go directly to the bin and so does everything else used for the wedding decor. “We took help of curtains, lights and reusable items for our wedding decoration,” said Neethu, the bride. 

Wedding gifts – The gift registry was their solution to wasted gifts. The couple created a gift registry with the things they needed as wedding gifts. Their gift registry had a mix of household items, kitchen appliances, furniture, decor and much more.

Unwanted gifts

What happens when a couple is stuck with gifts they can’t use? It lies in a cupboard and keeps going around as re-gifted gifts from one couple to the other. Neethu and Reeves wanted to cut the problem at its source and receive only things they would use through their married life. 

Gift Cards

“Another beautiful part of the gift registry was the gift cards. We couldn’t really assess some of the stuff we needed but we knew where we wanted to purchase the gifts from. So we added gift cards so that we could purchase the gifts much later.” said Neethu.  With a gift registry, you can also let guests do cash transactions. And if you’re having a no gifts wedding then you can divert the transactions to charity as well. 

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