New Home Gift Ideas That will Make A Perfect Addition To Your Registry.

Turning a house into a home requires so many little pieces and accessories that you lovingly put together. And if you’re moving into a new home, and are smart enough to create a housewarming registry, your loved ones can gift you these memories.

New home gift ideas
New home gift ideas

Here are some of the best new home gift ideas to add to your registry.

#1. Art 

Somethings never go out of style and art is one of them. If you’re moving into a new home, add a piece of art that you really resonate with to your registry. It is the easiest way to add character to your home and make the walls come alive. It’s also a great conversation starter. Your guests can contribute towards a piece you love and we’re sure you’ll treasure it forever. 

#2. A custom rug 

If you’re creating a housewarming gift registry on Wedding Wishlist, an easy addition is a custom made rug. This will singularly make any living space feel complete and a bright one can add much-needed colour to any blank space. You can choose something that is just the right size and print, and have your guests get it for you. It truly is a good housewarming gift that anyone would love to get you. 

#3. Google Home 

A smart home can make life very easy, and the smartest way of doing that is getting a device like Google Home. It’s very easy on the pocket and at a very giftable price point. It’s also something you’ll end up using lots! Now that’s what we call a total win-win. 

#4. Barware

If you like entertaining, then barware is a must on your housewarming registry. From long-stemmed champagne flutes to beer mugs, wine accessories and more, there is so much you need to be the hostess with the mostess. A popular new home gift idea, you can explore and add a variety of things in this category to your registry. 

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#5. Bed linen

From a complete bed in a bag set to individual quilts and bedspreads, bed linen makes for a good housewarming gift. If you’re a sleepyhead, it’s also something you can never have enough of. 

#6. Towels 

This may seem like a boring addition to your gift registry but there are lots of fun bath accessories you can add to your wishlist. Leave out the regular and add monogrammed bath towels, his and her robes and more for your guests to contribute towards. They’ll love getting you something so personalised. 

#7. The Robot Cleaner / Roomba

While it’s great to have all beautiful items on your gift registry, it’s also nice to have some practical additions that will help make your life in your new home better. A robot cleaner is definitely up on that list. This miracle gadget will keep sweeping your home, even when you’re not around, ensuring your abode is spotless always. Now this is definitely a good housewarming gift. 

#8. Bean Bags

No matter what your taste in interiors, everyone can use a beanbag in their home to come crashing down on after a long day of work. They’re comfy, they’re portable and they’re just so much fun to relax on. Add a couple to your housewarming gift registry. 

#9. Board games

What’s a home that isn’t filled with games, fun and laughter. From Catan to Sequence and Taboo, add a bunch of fun boardgames to your housewarming registry. You can even add a poker box in the mix. 

#10. Decorative pieces

And to end it, you can always add decorative pieces like custom mural wallpaper for your living room to your housewarming gift registry. From statement sculptures to cute bookends and decorative bowls, this list is endless. 

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