Add These to Your Wedding Gift Registry If You Don’t Want Gifts

‘No gifts please’ is a common message you’ll see in wedding cards nowadays. While the statement is quite straightforward, it could actually mean many things. It could genuinely mean no gifts, or no boxed gifts, or very often it’s a just means “I’d rather have nothing than the scary pile I’m about to get!.” Couples moving cities or those having destination weddings also choose this option for the logistics of managing gifts can be cumbersome. Irrespective of the situation, guests still want to gift the couple something, and this can be quite the predicament. However, we have the perfect solution—a wedding gift registry. 

A wedding gift registry is perfect for couples who are struggling with any of the above, and here’s how it can help!

A No Gifts Wedding Gift Registry
A No Gifts Wedding Gift Registry

For couples who truly want no gifts – Charities

If blessings are all you seek for your big day, the biggest struggle you’ll face is convincing your guests of the same. So give your married life the most beautiful start by adding a charity or cause you support to your wedding gift registry. You may be blessed to have everything you need, but the world is full of those who aren’t that fortunate. And we all know that there will always be a portion of guests who will insist on getting you something. Let them contribute to a cause of your choice in your name. 

It’s a win-win for all! The guest can feel satisfied knowing they gave you something meaningful. You can start your life with a whole lot of blessings. And the money can go a long way in making a difference to someone’s life! 

For couples who’re moving cities or having a destination wedding — Experiences

Ok, so you’re moving abroad and you genuinely have no need or desire to lug the lamps and crockery sets with you. Doesn’t mean you shouldn’t get memorable gifts from those you love. The best answer to this dilemma is travel! Add a holiday, weekend getaways, couple’s massage, a meal for two or even a salsa dance class—anything that catches your fancy to wedding gift registry! 

Local experiences or travel can be redeemed in any part of the world and won’t consume precious luggage space! It also gives you a chance to create a lifetime of memories with your partner. And which guest wouldn’t love knowing that their gift was something the couple truly enjoyed. 

For couples that don’t want boxed gifts — Gift cards 

Newlyweds need a whole lot of things to start their new life, but very often only know what those things are ONCE they start their new life. Which means, when it comes to wedding gifts, they’re genuinely clueless. All they know is that the process of setting up a new home is hard enough without a car-load of gifts they won’t use. The easy answer? Gift cards. Just pick your favourite stores and add their gift cards to your wedding gift registry

They’re valid for a year so you can take your time deciding what you want, and it helps with all the expenses you’ll be incurring in setting up your new life. And it’s such an easy gift for your guests, as they can contribute an amount of their choice with just a click. 

Your wedding is pretty much the most special day of your life, and you deserve for all your loved ones to shower you with blessings and gifts. The wedding gift registry is the perfect answer, irrespective of your life situation. It’s great for the couple and the guests! And the best part? It’s free. Sign up now on

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