Odd Wedding Rituals in India That You’ve Never Heard Of!

A wedding is a sacred union of two people, and in India, it’s a traditional affair. Indian weddings are not just lavish but also culturally rich thanks to its diversity. From the fun party with loved ones to an emotional farewell, Indian weddings are a rollercoaster ride, with wedding rituals passed down from generation to generation.

Some are bizarre and some are fun. But each ritual signifies something and is still practiced, although with a modernized touch. 

Wedding Rituals
Wedding Rituals

Here are some odd wedding rituals and their significance:

#1. Saanth/ Wanwas

Ranveer and Deepika's Sindhi Wedding
Ranveer and Deepika’s Sindhi Wedding

This is a Sindhi ritual performed by a Brahmin priest separately in the groom and bride’s house a day before the wedding. The priest ties an anklet or challa round the right foot of the groom/bride. Then, seven married women pour oil in the center of the head of the groom and bride. After this, they are supposed to wear a new shoe on their right foot and try to break an earthen lamp with it. If they succeed, it is a good omen. The ceremony ends with their respective families tearing off their clothes as a symbol of bringing in the new and warding off evil. For the greater good!

#2. Toran Bandana

Aishwarya's Sword fight
Aishwarya’s Sword fight

In Rajasthan, the bride is allowed to attack the groom to see if he can dodge it or not! It is to see the strength of the groom. But in modern times, the wedding rituals have toned down. Now, the bride just pokes the groom’s chest with a sword. The grooms are thanking the modern times! While the bride’s family attacks the groom’s entourage with garlands of sweets. 

#3. The Nga-thaba

During the wedding process in a mandap, two ladies from the groom’s side and one lady from the bride’s side will conduct the ritual of Nga-thaba in Manipur. They will take two healthy fish and will set them out in the water at the same time. Fish symbolize the newlyweds and their unknown journey together. After they are released, one of the ladies will urinate nearby. This will symbolically take away any heavy burden the newlyweds have to carry. A blessing in disguise!

Above all, this ritual is done to ward off evil spirits

#4. Kaasi Yatra

Kaasi Yatra
Kaasi Yatra

In Tamil Brahmin weddings, the groom has to perform a mock pilgrimage where he tries to leave the wedding with a stick, umbrella, towel containing dals and rice to complete his religious studies. He refuses to marry the bride so the bride’s father needs to plead to him to reconsider. He pledges that his daughter will support him through thick and thin. The groom then returns and continues the wedding ceremony. Happy ending!

#5. Welcoming with tomato


Surely, a lot of wedding rituals in India are odd but wait till you read this! In Sarsaul, a small town near Kanpur, the groom and his entourage are greeted with flying tomatoes along with a string of swear words by the bride’s family. People believe that a relationship that begins on a bad note ends with love. Obviously can’t agree more!

At the end of the day, the traditions and the wedding rituals are honored and followed intensively. But if you have any questions regarding your wedding planning or need some tips and ideas to plan an intimate wedding during the corona pandemic? Join our exclusive WhatsApp group for couples by clicking here!

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