Online Gift for Weddings: How to use a registry and other virtual services in India

Key Takeaways:

  • Since the wedding is one of the most important days in a person’s life, the planning process needs to be smooth for it as well. This is where professional event planners can help you in planning a successful event.
  • There are also gifting services for all events. By creating a gift registry, the couple can let all the guests know exactly what they’d like to receive for the wedding, and the guests also don’t need to spend too much time thinking about the gift they’re going to buy, and can be assured that the couple would like the gift.
  • The planning services can help with Invitations and RSVP Management, Live stream of the event, Virtual Guest Parties, Usher Services, Food and Beverages, Return Gifts, Digital Albums, and the post event website as well.
  • Traditional gifts include kitchen appliances and dining items, while more traditional options are experiences and customised items for the couple. You could also consider giving the couple a gift card, or donating to a charity on their behalf.

Introduction to Gift Services and Other Virtual Services in India

Weddings, birthdays and other event celebrations take a lot of time, and work. Even when you have known about the event for a while, there are many small details that need to be managed. Whether you are getting married yourself, or helping to plan an event for someone else, you know how much there is to plan, coordinate and execute.

The birth of gift registries and virtual services. 

The idea of a gift registry started in 1924, when a departmental store in Chicago introduced gift services for couples who were getting married to let their guests know what items, colours and patterns they liked. Today  in 2021, with the abundance of virtual gift ideas, you can be a lot more creative, and personal with your wedding gift registry ideas. 

How did the terms become known?

It can be tough for guests to find the perfect gift for you. A gift registry is the best way to receive the right gifts from your guests, especially for weddings during the pandemic.

The terms “wedding registry” and “gift registry” came into use with the growth of these services, starting when the department store Marshall Field’s established their first bridal registry in Chicago. 

What Goes Into Creating Virtual Wedding & Event Services

Planning an event with your family, friends, and loved ones is as exciting as the event itself. It is where so many of your fond memories will come from. So, it is incredibly important for the planning process to be smooth sailing too! That’s where virtual event planning services come in. Today in 2021, there are professionals who can help you with every part of the event planning process. You can find all the support and services you need to plan any event in one convenient package with virtual event service providers, including usher services to seamlessly incorporate your virtual guests into your live event. 

Gift Services for Two of the most celebrated events in India and around the world

While gifts are common at many types of events, they are most common for the events to do with weddings and births.


When you are getting married, every single event – the engagement, the bridal shower, baby shower and all the religious ceremonies, are seen as occasions for gift giving as well as the actual wedding. 

Baby Shower & Birthdays:

Similarly, when a child is born, the entire period of the pregnancy, you can probably expect gifts from all your loved ones. 
Whether you are sending or receiving gifts, having an online gift registry is very helpful. It can contain digital gift cards in addition to more traditional physical gifts, and is sure to help everyone enjoy the celebrations.

Steps to creating a registry in India for every occasion: Ensuring you get the best virtual gift!

When you are creating a registry for an occasion, it is important to be systematic. Consider your timeline, your needs, and the practicalities of your event and situation. 

Find a good, reliable wedding registry service. 

There are many gift registry services in operation in 2021. Do your research to find one that is best for your occasion. Wedding Wishlist, for instance, is a great registry in India that can help your guests choose from the gifts you have curated in your registry. Other registries might specialize in other events or services. Make sure you explore all your options. Set up your registry, with your address and other event-details. 

Add items to your list

Decide on the items you would like to receive as gifts. You can curate from a large collection of physical gifts, digital gift cards or even a contribution to a charity. Wedding Wishlist uses a convenient button in your bookmarks list, which allows you to add items from any online store to your gift registry, directly from the page.

Share your registry with your guests

Once you have compiled your list, share your registry with your guests. They will be able to look at the full list of items that you would like, and can choose what feels most meaningful and manageable for them. If you would like them to have the gifts delivered to your home rather than bring it to the event, you can specify in your registry. 

Things to consider when creating a registry with Gift Services in India

Consider the receiver

Who is receiving the gifts? What do they like, dislike, want, or need?

Especially if you are helping to plan an event for someone else, make sure you thoughtfully consider them individually, rather than opting for generic gifts associated with the event in question. 

Online gift for weddings
Online gift for weddings

Consider the occasion

The gits should correlate to the occasion. It can be off-putting to find items on a registry that seem unrelated, and don’t have an explanation. With the option to choose from so many different ecommerce sites today, you can find the appropriate gift and add it to the registry. 

Consider your guests

The guests who will be using your wedding registry have to be taken into account. They might come from around the world, and of various ages. They might be able to afford a more expensive gift, or a smaller one.

There is likely to be a range of closeness too – some of your guests will be close family and friends who want to spend more on a personal gift that you will associate with them. Others who don’t know you well might be happy to get you something simple and straightforward as a kind gesture. Make sure you have varied options on your gift registry that could work for all your guests. 

Traditional Vs Virtual Gift ideas – How to choose the right mix in 2021

Whether you are trying to choose a gift for someone who doesn’t have a registry, or are putting a registry together yourself, it can be tricky to think of what gifts to include. Even if you know the recipient really well, or are the recipient yourself, it helps to consult traditional and modern ideas to choose the perfect physical or virtual gift for weddings. 

Traditional Gifts for weddings:

Kitchen Appliances 

These are always useful, and make great gifts. If it is a very common appliance, it’ll be practical and useful of course. At the same time, a more luxurious kitchen item will be highly appreciated, while continuing to be practically useful. Consider smaller items like a toaster, or fancy mortar and pestle. You can also explore more elaborate items like a stand mixer or an oven. 

Dining Items

Items for serving food and dining areas are similarly great choices for a wedding gift. It is easy to get unobtrusive flatware and glasses or cups that can be matched with other colours and patterns. You can also look into silverware and serving dishes that go with the colours of the event, or the preferred colours of the recipient. 

Modern Gifts for Weddings


It is said that the happiest people are those who invest in experiences rather than material objects. In 2021, An experience is a great gift for someone to show your care and affection. 

These can be as small as a massage or spa, and can be as elaborate as a planned trip or cruise. Tickets to music performances or sporting events can be thoughtful and personal as well. 

Customized Items

If there is a brand you enjoy, and would like to receive or give as a gift, a great occasion would be when you are looking for an online gift for weddings. You can choose to have branded items custom made, or engraved, or inscribed. If you are the recipient, putting an item on your list, this might be a great opportunity to get a customized piece of art from a brand, business, or artist of your choice. 

Online & Virtual Gifts

In this day and age, we have to take into account the concept of a digital or online gift for weddings. This an easy, convenient option, that saves the gift giver a lot of effort, and allows the recipient a good deal of flexibility too.

Cash Gifts and Collections

Very often, money is the most hassle free gift you can give or receive. The person giving the gift can rest assured that their present will be put to good use, and the recipient can decide exactly what they want to spend it on.

Gift card free icon

Gift Cards and Charities

If you are putting together a wedding registry, you might also specify a fund that you want to put your guests’ cash contributions towards. For instance, you might be saving up for a car, or some renovation work on a home. Being specific about this allows your guests to feel good about their gift to you.

Gift Cards and Charities are a very good option for you to add to your gift registry. Specify the store you would like a gift card from, or the charity you would like people to donate to. Your guests will be able to donate to the charity in your name, and both of you can feel good about having helped a meaningful cause. 

Unless you are very sure that the recipient will appreciate the gesture, it is a little risky to donate to a charity as an online gift for weddings. However, a gift card with a store that your gift recipient likes is a great way to give a flexible gift, with a personal touch. 

Types of virtual event & gift services in India

In a context when practically all social interactions have an element of virtual or digital connection, these facilities become a lot more important for events and special occasions. With that, there are a wide range of services that you can use, in addition to the gift registry. Wedding Wishlist offers these services and can support you in finding others. 

Before the wedding:

Invitations and RSVP management:

Be certain that all your invitees feel welcomed to your event, and that there will be no unexpected absences (or guests) on the big day. You will receive support by sending out invites and keeping track of who all are planning to attend. 

Gift Registry:

Your guests will be able to choose only from items and gifts that you would appreciate, and have a quick and easy way to purchase it for you. 

During the Wedding

Live Stream:

Live Stream services will help you broadcast your event for guests and well wishers who are not able to attend in person. You will receive technical support to broadcast the stream from the event, and to record the event. This has become more popular in 2021 due to the Covid-19 pandemic.

Virtual Guest Party:

For those of your guests who are not able to attend the event, and would like to be more festively involved than simply watching a live stream, services are available to create a meaningful and memorable experience for your guests as well. 

Usher Service:

A good wedding service provider will offer an online usher service to seamlessly blend the experiences of your virtual guests and those who are able to attend the live event in person. They’ll take your streaming devices around so that virtual guests can participate in the festivities more actively, and interact with those in the live event. 

Food and Beverage:

With high quality wedding service providers, your guests can have a rich experience of attending your event from wherever they are in the country. While your virtual guests will have a meal delivered directly to them, so that they can be thoroughly engaged in the festivities.

After the Wedding 

Return Gifts

Gifts and other festivities can go both ways between hosts and guests. Your virtual guests and in-person guests will receive your carefully selected return gift delivered to their homes. Your virtual guests can continue to experience their festivities, and your guests who came to the event don’t have to worry about carrying the gift with them after a long night of celebrating, 

Digital Album

You and your guests can share memories of your special event from anywhere in the world, at any time, long after your special day. The photos will be made available to all the people you would like. 

Post-Event Website

You can also opt for services that host and maintain your post-event website as a multimedia digital record of the whole affair. Depending on the nature of the website, it can evolve with the situation. 

Benefits of online registry and virtual gift services in 2021

It might be intimidating to trust the planning of your special event to strangers from an online business. Many of our habits and traditions around celebrations involve special memories with our loved ones.

Remember that professional services enable you to unload the heavy lifting of organizing, so that you can focus on making choices, and building the wedding or social event of your dreams.

Online registry and virtual services are more easily accessible for everyone in your planning team, and your guests as well. You will continue to be closely involved with all the details of planning your event, without the headache of actually making it happen. 

Checklist for using virtual event services

When working with any event service, virtual or not, it is important to do your part of the preparation so that the professionals you hire can do their best at their job.

1. Make sure you have a date set. All other plans depend on the date of the event, and needs to be decided as far back as possible. Consult with all the people who you need to make sure that this doesn’t change. Tell your guests as soon as possible to save the date. 

2. Choose a theme or colour palette for your event so that the other design elements can be built around this. Your invitations, decor, and wedding registry all depend on this too. 

3. Make a timeline for yourself with the list of information you need to have given your wedding planning professionals, and guests. Work backward from the date of the event to figure out how soon you need to complete various tasks. 

Options for unique gift services in India

In 2021,  there is a wide range of gift registry services that you can use. Even if you have a wedding or event planner, they can work in conjunction with the registry service to make your planning process as hassle free as possible.

  • Wedding Wishlist is a premium gift registry service in India, A well renowned name in the wedding industry particularly because it offers a wide range of other services that are specific to weddings and other occasions. They are also able to provide tons of services for any other type of event and occasion.
  • Wishtry has a very pleasing user interface experience for gift registries, and offers connections with many stores. They also provide a helpful guide with suggestions for gifts to put on your registry for whatever the event is.
  • My Thofa is another great gift registry service which offers generic event planning services. My Thofa also allows you to explore other registries for inspiration. 
  • My Registry is an international gift registry service. It is great for events with international guests, but doesn’t offer any other event services.

How to include gifts from other sites – A step by step guide 

Whichever gift registry service you use, the steps to adding gifts from other sites are largely the same. 

  • Open the registry service system on your internet browser. 
  • Your wedding registry service should have a button to add items from other stores – add this to your bookmarks bar or list. 
    Open the page to any online store or the list of items and products you want to add to your list. 
  • Navigate to the page of the specific item you want, and click the “Add to Wishlist” button on the list or bar of your bookmarks. 
  • When you have added all your items, check in your registry to be sure that you have selected the specific items you want. 


With the click of a button, you can explore new dimensions of your ideas. Digital technologies and professional services are there to make your life easier, and richer. Unlock the full potential of community and celebration for all your events. 

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