Your Intensive Guide for an Online Wedding Invitation

The wedding scene has changed and evolved a lot over the years. While some trends rose and vanished quickly, there were a few trends that had and still have a lasting impact. One wedding trend that’s on the same path is the online wedding invitation. Being a relatively new trend, this hasn’t taken a long time to go from novelty to norm. 

So, here’s the most intensive guide to creating an online wedding invitation!

Online Wedding Invitation
Online Wedding Invitation

What is an online wedding invitation?

An online wedding invitation is an electronic wedding invitation sent online through digital means to all your guests. That’s why it’s also called as e-invites or digital wedding invitations. They are also called WhatsApp wedding invitations as the most popular medium to share them with the guests is through WhatsApp. 

Why create an online wedding invitation?

You must be wondering now, why you should create an online wedding invitation? In addition to being one of the most popular wedding trends in recent years, online wedding invitations seem to offer the most practical solution to wedding invitation distribution. So here a few other reasons why online wedding invitations are the best choice:

#1. They are eco-friendly

Online wedding invitations are paperless invites. Hence they are eco-friendly and can reduce a lot of paper waste at weddings. An average Indian wedding has over 500 invitees and there are over 10 million weddings taking place in India every year. Just imagine the amount of paper waste that’s produced! An online wedding invitation takes care of all this. 

#2. Easy to Share

An online wedding invitation is really easy to share. Most of the times the platforms have built-in easy sharing options through which you can share the wedding invite through WhatsApp, e-mail on other social media. Or else you can also download the invite as jpeg or GIF and share it with your guest list. The task of labelling and couriering paper invites is a huge time and money sink in comparison. 

#3. Have Variety of Options

Online wedding invitations have a wide variety of options. You need not select or stick to the traditional looking invites. There are so many options across themes like modern, classic and so on. Also, you can create animated invites which are in GIF format. The options you have are endless. 

#4. They are pocket-friendly

One of the biggest advantages of online wedding invitations is that they are cost-friendly. An online wedding invitation barely costs you INR 500, when the same amount spent on a premium card will barely give you 5 invitations. 

How to Create an Online Wedding Invitation?

Creating an online wedding invitation is really simple. Creating an online invite on any platform requires only the 4 following steps: 

  1. Go through the different templates on the websites and choose the one you like the most. 
  2. Personalize the invite according to your requirements. 
  3. Purchase the Invite. 
  4. Share!

Platforms to consider when creating an online wedding invitation

When it comes to online wedding invitations there are a lot of options for you on the internet. There are different platforms that have very different types of services and designs. The list below shows the different kinds of services that the platforms offer. So you at least know which platform offers the services you’re looking for and choose accordingly.

Things To ConsiderWedding WishlistParekh CardsGreen EnvelopePaperless PostEviteGreetings Island
Indian Theme
Customize the information by yourself
Customize message by yourself
Customize font by Yourself
Price starts fromINR 350INR 999INR 100025 Coins = $40 ( 7 coins per person)12.99$= 40 people$6.99
Wedding Cards (Paper)
Save the date cards
Engagement Cards
Wedding Video Invitations
Add additional information (Free)
Complete D-I-Y Card
Multipage Cards
Animated Cards
Matching RSVP response card
Regional Indian Cards

The Do’s and Don’ts of Online Wedding Invitations

1. What links to add?

Do: Add the link of your gift registry or your wedding website to your online wedding invitation. 

Don’t: Don’t add separate links to your gift registry and wedding website. If you have a wedding website, add a link to it. Add a gift registry link to the invite-only when you don’t have a wedding website. 

2. What information to put in your online invite?

Do:  Add all the information regarding the functions like the address, timings, how to RSVP and even the dress code. 

Don’t: Unless it’s a multi-page invite don’t talk about more than one function in the invite. 

3. How to choose the design and colour?

Do: Choose the design and colour by keeping the font in mind. Choose a colour that contrasts well with the font and where the font is clearly visible because the information needs to be the star of the show. 

Don’t: Don’t choose a design that looks very cluttered. Also, while choosing the colour and design of the invite make sure it’s in line with the overall theme of your wedding. 

4. When to send your invite?

Do: Send your invite at least four to six weeks before the wedding and 12 weeks before if it’s a destination wedding. 

Don’t: Do Not send the invite a week or two before the wedding and expect a lot of people to turn up especially when an online wedding invitation is the only type of wedding invitation you’re sending to your guests. 

Top Online Wedding Invitation Templates:

#1. Wedding Wishlist

Strands of Love

From the Ganesh Motif to the messages, the invite is very Indian in essence and the Animated a.k.a the GIF format only adds to its beauty. Another advantage is that the motif can be changed to suit your faith and it’s also available in Hindi!

#2. Parekh Cards

Parekh Cards Invite
Parekh Cards Invite

Although the designs are inherently Indian and are good, paying INR 1000 for an online wedding invitation really seems unnecessary when there are so many platforms available on the internet that can do a better job and provide a lot of customization options for a lot less money and also provide the invite immediately rather than waiting for 2 days. 

#3 Green Envelope 

Green-Envelope Invite
Green-Envelope Invite

This website has a cool envelope format and has a few Indian designs too. The problem here is that it can only be sent through the mail as the pricing depends on the number of people you send the invitation to. So you cannot just conveniently share it on WhatsApp or Social Media, you need the email address of all your guests. The prices start at 1000 for 40 people which is just topo steep when it comes to Indian weddings.

#4. Paperless Post 

Paperless Post Invite
Paperless Post Invite

This is another site that has an envelope feature. While the designs are nice and there’s a whole slew of customization options, the problem arises when it comes to sharing the invite. It has its own currency called coins and you can only buy them in packages designated by the website. To send the invite to a person it requires 7 coins. Also, just like the previous one, you can only send invites through the mail. So, it works out to be just too expensive for an online wedding invitation. 

#5. Evite


It is one of the most popular websites when it comes to online. But it does not have any Indian themed designs. Other drawbacks ia that the site charges 13 dollars to share the invite with 40 people and also it can only be shared through email. 

#6. Greetings Island

The website has a limited collection of Indian themed cards. While the prices depend on the number of people you’re sending the card just like the previous ones, they have an additional option to download the card as an image and share it which is priced at $6.99.

Greetings Island Invite
Greetings Island Invite

Now you know all about creating your own online wedding invitation. You can also add a touch of personalisation to your invite with these pointers.

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