Bollywood On-Screen Couples Who Redefined the Love for Us

A typical boy meets a typical girl and they miraculously fall in love, as easy as it sounds but, in real life, it’s a rare scenario. Hardly anyone jumps so fast from being acquainted to being the love of their life! There are a lot of processes in between- from knowing each other in and out to respecting the flaws and much more. Love is not a walk in the park. It takes an immense amount of commitment and patience which movies do not often portray. The unrealistic portrayal of romance and relationships in movies often inspires unrealistic expectations in people. Keep your heart open but be cautious, reel life is not real life. But there are a lot of exceptions. We have a bunch of on-screen couples that we absolutely adore!

On-screen couple

So, here is a list of our favorite Bollywood on-screen couples who redefine love and give us some serious inspiration:

#1. Geet and Aditya

Jab we met was a super hit movie and everything from casting, dialogues to songs was perfect. I am sure everyone remembers Kareena Kapoor’s famous dialogues- Main Apni favorite hu! But what was more than perfect was the chemistry between the lovebirds. Both being the complete opposite of each other, there was no judgment. Just being each other’s support pillar. There was no forced attraction, just two people with broken hearts healing each other over the course of time. This is the reason why they are one of our favorite on-screen couples. Now, who wouldn’t want this love story?

Geet and Aditya

#2. Barfi and Jhilmil

Barfi was a very heartwarming tale of two people who found solace in each other. A deaf-mute guy named Barfi and Jhilmil, an autistic girl who takes a keen interest in intangible things. What we loved was how the relationship was built on trust. Again, the protagonists fell in love after a lot of trials. When Jhilmil had an episode, Barfi was so patient with her. Love is more than physical intimacy and this couple is an example. As Shruti says in the end, this duo’s unspoken bond was better than many of those regular relationships. 

Barfi and Jhilmil

#3. Jai and Aditi

Jaane tu ya jane naa is not a cliche love story. It explores innocent love and also shows the imperfect sides of relationships. From best friends to lovers, a very genuine setting, and a lot of scenarios that we all can relate too. It also showed the importance of friends and family and above all, free love. Jai and Aditi with their opposite characters came halfway to find the true essence of love.

Jai and Aditi

#4. Sid and Tara

Dil Chahta hai was one of the amazing movies of the decade which portrayed the friendship, love, and trials of life beautifully. Above all, we all fell in love with the quiet and deep, Sid. Going against everyone’s advice, he fell in love with the much older, Tara who was in the middle of a messy divorce. Though it is one-sided love, the respect shared by both was a very beautiful thing. Standing up to his love and not getting influenced by the labels his close ones were putting on her, Sid pursued her without expecting anything. It was pure love.

Sid and Tara

#5. Sid and Aisha

Many people may have related with Sid who was fully dependent on his parents. Aisha on the other hand was an independent woman. Love is not about romantic gestures but also about continuous growth. Aisha taught Sid how to get out of his comfort zone and also assisted him to take steps. Growing together and supporting each other, this is what Sid and Aisha have taught us and also why they are one of the most beloved on-screen couples.

Aisha and Sid

Though there are a lot of couples who are an inspiration, these are our top on-screen couples. Do let us know your favorite couple in our comment section!

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