Unique Wedding Invitation Wording Ideas for 2022

Virtual weddings, bridal showers, and even pre-wedding sangeets have become popular during COVID-19, as couples seek to protect themselves and their guests by holding virtual celebrations.

Hybrid weddings, whether via Zoom or other livestream platforms, can be just as lovely and engaging as in-person gatherings, and they need a fun invitation card to reflect the significance of the occasion. There are tons of invitation card ideas available online. We’ve come up with a list wedding invitation ideas  for you to consider that will help ring in your special day! 

Sending out E-vites for your special day comes with a ton of benefits. For starters, you needn’t stick to the traditional card format, you could consider a fun GIF or even a wedding invitation video! There’s tons of space to play around with the format, and we’re here to help you figure out the most unique virtual wedding invitation ideas for you.

#.1 The traditional route: 

The traditional wedding invitation will always hold a special place in our hearts, a simple announcement of nuptials that hold the date, time and place can never go wrong. With a hybrid celebration, a few more elements come into play such as the link to watch the ceremony and maybe even passwords to enter the meeting. The idea of having a link on your wedding invite might not appeal to most, you may worry about the aesthetics of the card being compromised. Maybe consider a simple QR scan code located at the back of the card or even towards the corner of your invitation. This way your guests won’t have to worry about the link credentials and you don’t have to compromise on the artistic stylings of your card! It’s the perfect wedding invitation idea . If you’re looking for design ideas, do check out our article on having a Wedding Colours and Wedding Invitations to see how to make it a cohesive theme.


#.2 Use a GIF!: 

A GIF is a great way to announce your special day and can be designed in any which way you desire. The animated elements add a bit of fun and flair and will most definitely help your virtual wedding invitation to stand out! With the advent of whatsapp and other social media platforms, GIFs have become a popular means of sharing information and hold the reader’s attention well. You could take all the creative liberties in the world with this format, maybe even consider adding a few pop up elements to your wedding card. Your design elements can be animated and it’s a sure way to create a memorable and unique wedding invitation idea. Check out these Wedding Invitation Ideas  to help design your quirky wedding invitation GIF

#3. Create a little movie to announce your special day, consider a wedding invitation video: 

A wedding invitation video is a wonderful way to add that extra personal touch to your Virtual wedding invitation. In the olden days, in times of yore, people would go house to house to announce their wedding and invite guests. A wedding invitation video is the perfect call back to this tradition. The families of both bride and groom can record themselves inviting their guests! You could edit the background of your video and add some beautiful design elements to enhance the video and match the theme of your wedding. You could even get extra creative with it and have a whole script ready or maybe even a small poem recital. Your guests are bound to be delighted and it surely helps bridge the gap between virtual and reality. If you’re confused about what type of video would best suit your theme check out the wedding wishlist video invitations! There’s a video for every kind of couple.


Your wedding invitation is the perfect way to set the tone of your wedding and inform your guests of what to expect from your celebration. Whether you’re planning on having an elegant affair or an all out wedding bash, your invitation will reflect how you want your big day to go.  These wedding invitation idea will help convey to your guests that the virtual nature of your wedding doesn’t by any means diminish their presence at your special day. The sky’s the limit when it comes to designing a virtual wedding invitation so get creative with these invitation card ideas! 
Find your perfect wedding invitation idea at Wedding Wishlist. Design your invitation card from over 100+ fun templates and make your hybrid celebration a moment to remember!

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