How to Keep Calm and Find Peace Amidst a Pandemic

The corona pandemic has brought everything to a halt. From global economies to even our day to day life a lot of things have changed. Moreover, we’re still figuring out how the virus works and have no ready cure or vaccine in hand. This has led to a lot of panic and uncertainty in the world and while this will definitely affect physical health, it has also taken a toll on people’s mental health. From consuming literally all the pandemic related content available to going on a break from it, there are a lot of ways people are using to cope with these changing times.

So, here’s how you can keep calm and find peace amidst a pandemic!

Find Peace Amidst a Pandemic
Find Peace Amidst a Pandemic

#1. Little things matter

We understand that being stuck at home during a pandemic and quite literally waking up to the same day almost every day can be exhausting. But do little things that can set the day apart from yesterday or tomorrow. It could be a simple change in your exercise routine, doing some new craft or art that you’ve never tried before etc. You can even take up origami as it quite literally needs only paper if you can’t source the materials for your art and craft. Little things like dancing to your favourite songs, singing aloud a few songs can all make a difference. 

#2. Work on your emotional well-being

These uncertain times can give rise to a lot of thoughts than make you feel anxious or low. Instead of blocking these thoughts for the time, work through them. Either write in your journal or just on a piece of paper or even use the notepad on your phone and work through your emotions. Write down the things that are making you feel anxious or low. Then divide them into two groups – Things that I can control & Things that are out of my control.

Make sure you write down everything that comes to mind and don’t spare anything, even if it feels too trivial. First, work on the things that I can control. For every item listed there, write down clear cut steps you can take to change it and from when you can change it. Then stick to it and start working on making them a reality. Now, the other set of problems are clearly out of your control, so take a deep breath and let it go!

#3. The Happy Hormone Diet

There are 4 things that can contribute to keeping you happy- Serotonin, Dopamine, Oxytocin and endorphins. There are a few food products that can help in enriching these happy hormones. So make sure you add a significant amount of yoghurt, beans, eggs, meat with low fat and nuts like almonds, pistachios, walnuts, hazelnuts etc. to your diet. Things like salmon, soy products like tofu, soymilk etc, bananas, spinach and seeds also help in enriching serotonin levels. Probiotic-rich foods and spicy foods are known to trigger the release of endorphins. So you can add these to your diet to help your body produce these happy hormones which can help in keeping you happy and sane in this pandemic.

#4. ‘Me Time’ is Key

Allocate at least an hour every day to just be with yourself. You can Introspect, do an activity, watch your favourite TV show or movie with some good food or even read or write, it’s entirely up to you. But just make sure you’re entirely just with yourself and the time will focus just on you and no one else. Some people like pampering themselves with a nice and hot bath and face-pack and you can do that too. It’s basically for you to take a step back and recharge. But if you’re someone who recharges by being with people, then include them too by having a good conversation, sharing a meal etc. 

#5. Get Help

While the above points can help you keep calm if you’re feeling overwhelmed with the pandemic or anything else, just see a therapist. Trained professionals can really help you work through any issue you have. There’s no stigma in seeking help. You can connect over Zoom with your therapist even if you’re under lockdown. Ask your friends if they know anyone or simply Google and find the one that you like. Seeking professional help can often do wonders. So stay safe and happy! 

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