A to Z of Wedding Essentials Needed in a Post Pandemic World

They say, when this is all over, we’ll emerge into a new world, a changed world. This pandemic has changed life as we know it and it’s going to have an impact on anything and everything. Well, a new world requires a whole new way of planning weddings and re-learning what we thought was basic.

So here’s the A-Z of wedding essentials required post this pandemic… Read and learn! 

Wedding Essentials in a Post-Pandemic World
Wedding Essentials in a Post-Pandemic World

A – Always be safe. The starting point of weddings 2.0 will be that safety comes first and foremost. From the venue to menu, everything has to be planned for keeping yours and your guests safety in mind post the pandemic. 

B – Big guest lists are thing of the past. For weddings at least in the next 12 months, 100 guests will be pretty much as far as you can (or should) go. 

C – CORONA!!!! Need we say more? 

D – Décor needs to be reimagined in the new world. Think more eco-friendly and locally sourced options to keep things manageable and less reliant on long-distance transport 

E – Environment is king! We’re all seeing the world bounce back as skies are clearer and water cleaner. Going forward, our lifestyle and celebrations need to be more in sync with nature. 

F – Financial security is the need of the hour as the economy struggles to find stability. Budget-friendly will replace the opulent Indian wedding in the coming years post the corona pandemic! 

G- Gift registry will be the norm. To keep guests from having to go shopping, and couples from managing gift logistics, a registry will become a must for every wedding. Couples can create a list of gifts they love so every gift they receive is one they will use—its convenient, eco-friendly and saves money! 

H- Home is where the heart is, and now, probably where a lot of your functions will be! Scaling down the smaller functions like Mehendi and Haldi, and doing them at your house might become the next big trend. 

I – International honeymoons are a thing of the past, at least for the next year or so. Think, plan, and travel local.

J – Jet setting to a beach or palace for weddings will no longer be possible, as destination weddings will come to a grinding halt. Till leisure travel resumes to its full capacity, it’s home-town weddings all the way. 

K – Keeping things simple is the key mantra for 2020. Simple, meaningful celebrations with your most loved ones are the best you can hope for. And that’s not a bad thing at all! 

L – Lockdown may be over, but that does not mean life is back to normal. Keeping our social activities limited will be more essential than ever, and so wedding planning that does not require multiple trips around town will be a good idea post and during the pandemic.

M – Menus will be planned keeping health and safety in mind. As much as it may hurt some of us, vegetarian food, nutritious choices and easy ingredients will dictate the wedding buffet. 

N – New technology and innovations will lead the way— from online weddings to gift registries and e-parties. 

O – Online sangeet tutorials will replace the innumerable practice sessions that happened pre-2020, in a bid to practice social distancing. 

P – Parties will reduce, as weddings become more about rituals and less about back-to-back parties. Only what is essential will stay, so all those cocktail nights and poolside brunches may get a much-needed break. 

Q – Quality will trump over quantity as weddings will be more intimate with only your most loved ones to celebrate your special day. Plus point? Now you don’t need any excuse to un-invite the extras 😀 Maybe the pandemic has a silver lining after all!

R – Return gifts and in-room hampers may just start reflecting the changed times post-pandemic—safety gear, sanitizers, masks and vitamins may take a fun new avatar and become popular guest giveaways. 

S – Social distancing will be the two most important words to keep in mind when planning the wedding. 

T – Trousseau shopping, like many other forms of shopping, will shift online, and in tune with the general environment, also scale down. 

U – Use of e-invites will become universal. With going to people’s homes to invite them becoming a thing of the past, digital invitations will be key.

V – Venues that are chosen will have to have adequate space for guests to fit in and yet be comfortably apart. Squeezing 100 guests into a 50-people venue can mean serious trouble. 

W – Wedding websites will become a norm, with couples using them to share pictures, details and more. The website can also be used for live streaming of the wedding for guests who couldn’t make it. After all, travel won’t be taken so lightly in the post-pandemic world.

X – X-factor to the rescue! Find new ways of making your wedding special. Create video montages, use lots of video calls for planning so you don’t feel alone in the process, and get inventive. 

Y – Your wedding will always be a special day for you! So the most important thing to remember is not to let new rules of wedding planning take away from making it a memorable day. 

Z – Zoom seems to be the new buzzword in weddings. This multi-chat platform allows hundreds of people to be a part of your celebrations, so use it liberally! 

The rules may have changed but that does not mean your wedding cannot be a really beautiful and memorable day. Focus on love and have an unforgettable celebration while still being safe! 

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