Why Wedding Websites Are a Must in the Post-pandemic World

Corona pandemic has changed our lives immensely. With social gatherings being banned, big fat Indian weddings have had to slim down too. Now not more than 50 people are allowed at a wedding and this situation is unlikely to change in the next couple of months too. Moreover, the one wedding trend that was on the rise the previous year, i.e., destination weddings have also come to a standstill. In this scenario, tech has come to our rescue and one wedding websites are one of the things have become crucial to weddings in India. 

So, here are the reasons why wedding websites are a must in the post-pandemic world!

Wedding Websites - a necessity in the post pandemic world
Wedding Websites – a necessity in the post pandemic world

#1. Sharing wedding information has never been easier!

Guests are the people that make a wedding, in India especially. That’s why we’ve made it a practice to invite our near and dear ones in person. While this worked for us earlier, it doesn’t in the modern world. The pandemic has now made this quite impossible. So, apart from sending online wedding invitations, a wedding website will help the couple as well as the guests as it contains all the information related to the wedding in one place. 

#2. From Google Maps to Live streaming it has it all!

Wedding Wishlist wedding websites contain the following things in their wedding website, 

  • The couple’s story – The couple can make it as elaborate as they want like timelines, add images etc.
Your Story
Your Story
  • Function Details – Well, weddings at this moment just consist of the wedding day. But nevertheless, you can add and delete functions and they should contain information like date, time, address and dress code.
Function Information
Function Information
  • Gift Registry – A gift registry is something that makes the gifting process easy for the couple as well as their guests. The couple can create a list of gifts they would like to receive on their wedding and share it with their guests. This helps guests choose a gift in their budget that the couple will love. They can buy or contribute towards any gift from the couple’s registry.
Do a Gift Registry!
Example of a Gift Registry
  • Gallery: With the Image gallery, the couple can share their pre-wedding photoshoot images with their guests. 
  • Guestbook: The guestbook allows for easy RSVP and the guests can leave sweet and meaningful messages for the couple which they can access later. 
Guest Book
  • Live- Streaming – The wedding website even allows for live-streaming of the couple’s wedding. 
Live Streaming
Live Streaming

#3. Virtual Guests are in!

As mentioned earlier, the pandemic has put some serious restrictions on Indian weddings, but this doesn’t mean that you can’t share your special day with the people who mean the most to you. Live-streaming allows for guests to be a part of your big day from the comfort of their own homes. 

#4. Zoom wedding, anyone?

You can also have a Zoom session with all the guests who can’t be there in person to take part in the celebrations personally due to the pandemic. A wedding website is a great way to share information with your guests pertaining to the zoom call!

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