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Right from when the idea first occurs to you up and until the rest of your life, parenting is a never ending, sometimes frustrating but mostly rewarding and always exhausting journey! Conception and pregnancy come with their own excitements and challenges, while once the little one arrives, it’s like a constant roller coaster ride. And we’re here to help you through it all, with some information, some emotion and some entertainment! Read on to feel more at home as you embark on the journey of parenting. 



It all starts with this—that moment when you find out you’re expecting. It’s filled with excitement, nervousness and frantic Googling. You and your partner want to know everything there is to know, find a doctor you like and start taking care of the mom-to-be’s health. But it’s also a time that’s emotionally oscillating, between highs and lows, and your body begins to see change. And then of course, there is the question of planning for the arrival of your little one. Here’s some useful information to help you navigate this phase.

Baby Shower 

Every mom-to-be dreams of having the perfect baby shower. It’s a chance to celebrate the excitement you feel about the baby with all your loved ones, get showered with gifts and share some really special memories. And every woman wants it to be perfect—from the right theme and décor to getting the best gifts ever. Even as the pandemic settles, those who are unable to have a physical celebration are choosing to have a virtual one. And we’ve got EVERYTHING you need to plan the most unforgettable baby shower ever! 

Baby Shopping

There are few things in life that are more fun than shopping, until you start planning for what to buy for your little one’s arrival. This experience can be extremely overwhelming for first-time moms—from knowing all the things you need (which itself is a task) to knowing what brand you should get it from (The list is endless) there is so much research needed. And with mom’s guilt always playing on your mind, knowing what to buy and what is really not needed can be a lot of work! Here’s making baby shopping a breeze—from your ultimate checklist to the best brands and the products you need! 

Gift Registry 

As discussed, your little peanut needs an endless list of things to get ready for their arrival. And buying all these things can be a very costly affair. On the flip side, your loved ones want to shower the baby with gifts and blessings but don’t have any idea what you actually need. Creating a baby gift registry is a great way to make sure every gift you receive is one that you love and will use. All you have to do is create a list of gifts your baby would like to receive, and your guests can contribute towards or buy them for you. You can add all the essentials you want in your gift registry


Once the baby arrives, it’s the most overwhelming time for the new mom. Not only has her body gone through a massive procedure, but her hormones are also oscillating. One of the most common concerns for new moms is postpartum depression, something over 50% new moms go through in some capacity. And it is essential to address this and any symptoms that indicate its occurrence. The pandemic has made this phenomenon even more extreme. Then, of course, there is the matter of physical recovery for the mom and the constant worry about whether your little one is doing ok. The first few months after birth are best spent resting and recovering for the mom and spending time getting to understand your baby and his or her health.


And then commences the lifelong journey called parenting, where you and your little one go through life together. Parenting is hard, as any seasoned parent will tell you. With each phase of the child’s growth you have different challenges to face. In the beginning, there are so many things you’re discovering about your baby, and as the baby grows, these things just keep changing. 

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