How to Curate the Perfect Gift Registry for Your Dream Wedding

If you do it right, creating your wedding gift registry could be one of the most special things you do together as a couple considering it doesn’t involve long hours in a mall (most grooms hate that). You’re practically alloting time to get to know each other’s tastes better- in terms of decors, art, champagne and vacation spots. “Do you love Cimarosa Australian Shiraz? I LOVE Cimarosa Australian Shiraz! Going on the list, honey.” Besides, it’s like adding things to your cart without having to pay for it — if that’s not utterly brusque to say. The struggle is real when it comes to finding the perfect wedding present for a couple you absolutely adore and you would be doing your guests a biggie by drafting a gift registry that has options for everybody.

Here’s how you could curate a perfect gift registry ensuring you have the best of things you NEED, LOVE and simply just WANT!

A Perfect Gift Registry
A Perfect Gift Registry

Start the Gift Registry with All Things Useful

Lifestyle changes are going to be inevitable when you’re a couple. Less pub-hopping and cosier get-togethers, more wine and cheese double dates and more game-nights with the boys at home instead of the club. This only means that hosting people might become mainstream and your 4-piece old china set won’t work anymore. Go ahead and put in anything that you deem useful, either for your home, work, travel (okay maybe no one is buying you that mini cooper), but you get the point. Countertop ovens, shiny new silverware, blenders, mini-stand mixers and mixing bowls (ESPECIALLY if you’re a regular baker!) for your kitchen. Add hand-towels, bathrobes and bath rugs for your bathroom and comforters, vacuum cleaners and vases for your living room. Don’t forget to provide items that have a range of price points to choose from, just so your guests are more comfortable.

What’s a Gift List with No Pomp?

There are things that you need and then there are those that you absolutely adore but don’t essentially need. Use this as an opportunity to bucket in all of those pricey premiums. Expensive handbags, Jimmy Choos, cosmetics, fine china, Ipads, belts from the latest Gucci collection, some fine Burberry Furr  — anything that you and your partner DESIRE but not actually REQUIRE can still find a tiny place on your gift registry. Who knows, people can be full of surprises you might just get ‘em all! Modesty is overrated.

Memories over Material to Add Options to Your Gift Registry

Along with material things that you can’t overlook, be sure to give your guests an opportunity to gift you worthwhile experiences (Some of them might be looking forward to). Your ‘honey-moon period’ and not just your honeymoon is probably going to involve some adorable memory-making that you and your partner reminisce for a very long time. Vouchers to mini-vacations close to home so that you can even fit in a road trip along the way is a great idea to have on your gift registry. So are Luxury couple spas, a Michelin star tasting menu, a vineyard tour and stay package or even a fully-paid adventure camp in the woods (if you and your partner are the adventurous types) 

Room Make-over! A Gift Registry Cliche (yet Mandate)

So here’s the thing. Your inclination to have gorgeous exclusive presents and holiday gift cards on your wedding gift registry is likely to make you pay little attention to the small stuff. But the small stuff adds up to way too much — You’ll see. You have a roomie now, FOR LIFE might I add, and it’s very unlike of you to not have changes made in your room, to make it one that suits both your tastes with perfection. Re-decorating can be even more vexing when you’re moving into a new home. This means new kitchen appliances, new couches, cushions, wall-art, fancy chairs and whatnot. Here’s your chance to allow your folks to be a part of building your home. Honestly, they would be more than happy to, too. So pop in whatever champagne flutes, cocktail shaker or vanity mirror you’ve been eyeing for so long on your gift registry. 

Get Goofy with your Gift Registry

Don’t shy away from throwing in a bunch of questionable “no-utility” items that you’ve ALWAYS wanted to buy but would never do it for yourself (even if you can afford it). Indulge a 100% and put in all your guilty pleasures while curating the perfect gift registry. It is only THE biggest day of your life. Everyone has their weird fetishes and everyone almost always falls in love with absolutely silly stuff at stores. Not only would this quirk up your list for your BFFs but also lead to the exchange of fun stories and weird tastes between you and your partner. Foosball tables, guitar for home decor aesthetics (even though none of you plays), incredibly expensive paintings that have no meaning but look pretty cool anyways, an ice-cream shaped ice-cream maker, parachute waffle towels, ridiculous-looking party costumes – boy you do not have to be coy! 

Be Benevolent – Accept but Also Give Gifts

And finally, a cherry on the cheesecake of THE PERFECT gift registry is having the option of donation. You could do this in association with an existing charitable organisation. This way you and your partner can mutually decide on what kind of organisation the two of you support- animal rescue, old-age homes or government schools – there is honestly no better way to start off something by honouring a commitment towards a good cause. 

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