The couple that nailed the secret to a perfect Indian wedding celebration!

To say that an Indian wedding can be stressful is officially the understatement of the year! Ask any newlyweds, and they’ll have their horror stories to share. Which is why it was a refreshing change when we got talking to Wedding Wishlist couple Rohit & Harshita who got married this December. From an adorable love story to the secrets to a stress-free wedding, they bare it all!

How they met

An IIT graduate and entrepreneur, Rohit met Harshita at an event called “MASH Camp” organised by MASH Project – an NPO Harshita was actively involved with. while he was doing campus recruitment for his company. That meeting led to another meeting about hiring her as a campus ambassador, but things took a different turn – leading to the two falling in love and spending the rest of their lives together!

Rohit & Harshita - Indian Wedding Celebrations

Rohit & Harshita – Indian Wedding Celebrations

Their 5 learnings on making Indian wedding planning stress-free

1. Plan in advance:

“Ours was a love marriage and we had practically 10 months between the roka and the wedding. There are so many things that can go wrong when planning an Indian wedding, that it helps to have time on your side,” says Rohit, talking about one of the main reasons everything went so smoothly during their wedding preparations.

2. Do a website & wedding gift registry:

“We wanted our guests to really understand our journey, and who we were as a couple, before attending our wedding. Also, people give the same kind of wedding gifts at an Indian wedding simply because they don’t know any better,” says Harshita. Adding to her line of thought, Rohit adds that most of his friends and colleagues were progressive millennials who were familiar with and loved the concept of a gift registry. Guests from abroad didn’t have to worry about carrying a gift and could read about the couple and functions on their website.

Rohit & Harshita - They created an indian wedding website & gift registry

Rohit & Harshita – They created an indian wedding website & gift registry

3. Just sit back & enjoy!

God may be in the details, but sometimes it’s ok to let go off the small stuff, especially when it comes to planning something as big as one’s wedding. “There are so many things that will go wrong despite the best of planning—my necklace broke on the day of the ceremony and my makeup started when the baraat arrived,” says Harshita. Both could have been catastrophic had her attitude not been right. “It’s your wedding and you need to enjoy it. You’ve just got to accept what you can’t help and know what truly matters on that day.”

Rohit & Harshita - The couple who planned a stress free Indian wedding

Rohit & Harshita – The couple who planned a stress-free Indian wedding

4. It’s all about the venues:

The single most important factor in the actual wedding planning is the venue. A lot of the success of an event depends on this. “One of our venues had an electrical issue, which we found out not too much before the big day. You have just got to visit the venue personally and ensure everything is on track,” says Rohit.

5. Families are the best!

One of the main reasons the entire planning process went so smoothly was the hard work that parents and family members put in. “Our parents worked so hard to make sure everything went well, so we could enjoy the journey,” says the couple.

Harshita and Rohit conclude – “If you want it bad enough, the universe makes everything come together to make it happen. The same goes for your wedding. Despite all hurdles, everyone comes together to make each moment beautiful for you. It all falls in place. And when you see your partner for the first time that day, you forget about everything else and fall in love all over again.”

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