The Perfect Bridal Shower Gift Ideas

Bridal showers are a great way for the bride to spend some quality time with her closest friends and family. This ceremony is all about games, cocktails, conversation, and of course, gifts. To get the bride-to-be something she will cherish, something memorable and something useful can be tricky. Especially since there are so many guests trying to get her a gift. We bring you some bridal shower gift ideas that truly stand out and can be an easy reference for the next event you attend. 

Here are few bridal shower gift ideas for you.

#1. Custom Jewellery

One of the best bridal shower gift options you can go for is customised jewellery. Depending on your budget, this can be precious or costume, but a pendant with the brides initials or a bracelet with charms of her favourite things will make for a unique bridal shower gift idea. You can get a matching one for yourself, making this gift the mark of an unforgettable bond. 

#2. Personalised Scent

You know the bride like no one else, and a unique bridal shower gift idea would be to get a fragrance customised to her taste. Taking her favourite notes and preference, you can get a perfume personalised for her, with even the packaging designed specially for her. And if it’s a scent tailored to her taste, you know she’s going to love it. 

#3. Nightwear 

There are some things that ONLY a bestie can gift the bride and nightwear is right on top of that list. From a pair of fun pajamas to something more ‘fancy’, you can take your pick and gift the bride something snuggly or cute to crash in. It truly is one of the best bridal shower gifts to go for. 

#4. Bath Essentials 

Looking for a bridal shower gift basket idea? Create a hamper of bath essentials, right from scented lotions to bath salts and a big fluffy robe. Every new bride needs some serious rest and relaxation and your gift is going to come in handy when she’s trying to rejuvenate post the big day. 

#5. Art

For a bride with fine taste in art, getting her a painting or sculpture could be a great bridal shower gift idea. From a portrait to a piece from an upcoming artist, there are many options you can choose from. You can also go for something pop-art and fun and make it truly memorable. 

#6. DIY Collage

This can be a truly unique bridal shower gift, and one that will always be remembered by the bride. Take some time out and make something for the special lady, be it a collage of childhood photos, a knitted throw or even your own version of modern art. Trust us, this gift will make it right to the top of her favourite pile. 

#7. Champagne flutes 

If luxe is the way you want to go, get the bride-to-be and her man a pair of stunning crystal flutes. From Swarovski in the stem to beautiful cutglass options, there are many options available for you to choose from. The newly-married couple can use your gift to toast to their new beginning. 

#8. Gourmet Basket

Another bridal shower gift basket idea is to get the lady a hamper of all her favourite treats, from organic teas to single origin chocolates and roasted nuts. You can also throw in some candles to make it even more special. Nothing would excite the bride more than all a yummy hamper to dig into. 

#9. Bridal Survival Kit 

Here’s a really fun idea for a bridal shower gift—create the perfect survival kit with all things she’ll need to survive her new life. It can be a mix of funny and naughty items that will come in handy in the weeks to come. From an antacid to her favourite lipstick, the list of things to go here can be endless. Just use your imagination and have fun with it. 

#10. A couples massage 

Don’t forget the groom and make your bridal shower gift one that will be cherished by the couple. A couple’s massage is the perfect bridal shower gift idea as the couple can enjoy it together to rejuvenate post the big day. After all, who doesn’t like a good massage? 

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