6 Reasons Why You Should Create Personalised Wedding Websites

Ever thought what would happen to the world’s most iconic love stories if they were set in today’s digital age? A few minutes of cyberstalking would have saved Romeo and Juliet a world of pain, and Hamlet & Ophelia could just swipe on Tinder instead of wondering if it was meant ‘to be or not to be’…Technology can do great things! And while it’s making its way into the Big Fat Indian Wedding, there’s a visible method to the utter madness. From online vendor directories to e-invites and apps that manage logistics, there are innumerous ways that smart use of technology can simplify the complexities of wedding planning. The latest such offering to have taken the wedding world by storm—personalised wedding websites.

Personalised wedding website
Personalised wedding website

Personalised wedding websites

Couples across the country are adopting this new trend, with good reason. A personalised wedding website is basically a window into the couples’ world, with the perfect mix of emotion and information. In a typical Indian wedding, more than half of the guests do not know the couples personally. A website is an answer to all these woes!

Why personalised wedding websites?

#1. A couple can share their story on the website, tell guests about themselves, and how they met. They can share photographs and scribbles, all of which help guests feel more connected to the celebration.

#2. Wedding websites also act as a dynamic invite with event details, one that can be updated in case of last-minute changes.

#3. Most good wedding websites offer RSVP functionality, saving the family endless calls to check on who’s coming.

#4. And those who visit the website can leave personalised wishes for the couple in their guest book, something they can treasure for years to come.

#5. The couple can upload their wedding pictures all in one place, without having to send them individually.

#6. If all that isn’t enough, with the trend of wedding registries making their way in India, guests can actually create a Wishlist of the wedding gifts that they would like to receive on their wedding and share on their website. There’s no better win-win as the couple gets wedding gifts they want, and guests don’t have to worry about what to get them!

With so much on offer, it’s no wonder that wedding websites are the newest rage to take over weddings. They are easy and inexpensive to share, extremely personalised and offer many functionalities. In addition, you get to have a domain name dedicated just to you. So get going What’s your cool couple hashtag? Just turn it into a wedding website and share the most special day of your life with the ones you love!

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