6 Ways You Can Personalize Your Wedding Invitation

Weddings are personal, intimate and exciting. Once you are engaged the wedding planning begins. You start by creating a list of whatever you envisioned and want for your special day. First things first, you will need to save the date and create a guest list. Once that is sorted, the next ordeal is to create a wedding invitation. So much goes into creating a wedding invitation and personalization’s is a good place, to begin with when creating an invitation. Every wedding invitation is unique and special, but if you are wondering how can you customize it so perfectly to suit you and your partner’s personality we have got a few tips.

So, here are ways how you can truly personalize your wedding invitation for your dream wedding!

Personalize Your Wedding Invitation
Personalize Your Wedding Invitation

#1 Thematic Motifs

An invitation card sets the vibe of how your wedding is going to be. It gives your guests an insight into the theme of the wedding. Thematic motifs on your wedding invitation will further enhance this. This will make the invitation personal and customized, and will also elevate the experience of your guests as it gets them curious for how your special day is going to be.

#2 Typography

There are so many fonts that you can play with for your wedding invitation. Again, this depends on the kind of wedding vibe you want to go ahead with. Choose simple fonts that suit your wedding and also ones that are fun and exciting. Fonts may seem a little boring but they are fun. The font you choose can also decide if you are leaning towards a traditional, classical or quirky wedding. Also, you don’t necessarily have to choose and stick to one font for your wedding invitation. You can have a mixture of typography; this for sure will make your wedding invitation extremely customized.

#3  Monograms

Including monograms definitely makes your wedding invitation personal. There isn’t any hard and fast rule about the positioning of this monogram, so you can go ahead by making it extremely fancy or simple and place it anywhere appropriate on the wedding invitation. A monogram isn’t just a one-time thing, it is a great investment for your wedding as it can be incorporated not just on your wedding invitations but also on wedding napkins, the décor and so much more! This will not just make your invitation customized but your entire wedding too! Now, doesn’t this sound like a very good idea?

#4 To Quote or Not To Quote?

Wedding invitations can get you in a fix if you are deciding what kind of wordings to include in it. You may or may not have favourite quotes that you want to include in your invitations, or you may just want to include some personal jokes or words that you and your partner find the funny and extremely personal. Adding these little anecdotes to your wedding invitations will customize it and ensure that it is personal to you and your guests. Including this takes personal customization to the next level

#5 IRL

When you think of customizing your wedding invitation, you need to think to make it personal and adding a touch of you and uniqueness. Add elements of real-life in your invitation to give it a special look and feel and a wow factor to your guests. By elements, we mean literally anything if your wedding is a floral-themed one then add a little flower to your invitation or add a floral scent. This will elevate the experience too and set the tone of your wedding. Why should your wedding day be the only thing that is filled with surprises? Don’t you agree? 

#6 The Wedding Seal

Another customization trend that is seen at weddings is adding a seal at on the wedding invitation envelope. This is just a play on the seal of approval, making things official and fun for your guests when they read their invitations. This customization is creative and very unique. These could be in the form of wax seals or even customized stamps. Your guests will be impressed by this effort of yours because it shows that you have gone the extra mile. Also, it’s not just the wordings or quality of paper that makes a wedding invitation custom but also adding special little titbits to it too!

When someone says they’ve got to create wedding invitations, they’ve got no pressure at all. It is a simple and extremely personal task which can be executed in a creative and fun manner. Wedding invitations when distributed bring joy to the faces and set the date of something special happening. This shouldn’t even be considered a task but a fun activity that will bring you one step closer to your special day!

Have you customized your wedding invitations uniquely? If yes, then let us know what other methods or ways we can approach when creating a wedding invitation! 

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