10 Unique Ways To Give Personalized Wedding Gifts To A Couple

Personalized Wedding Gifts To A Couple

Personalized Wedding Gifts To A Couple

What better gift than a personalized wedding gift! With the wedding season upon us once again, we are sure you’re running out of ideas for the beautiful couple’s ideal gift. Especially with many of you rapidly wedding hopping, we have decided to make your life easier.

Here is a unique list of personalized wedding gifts that you can walk in with on your friends’ big day!

#1 Passport Holders

Almost the first thing the couples are going to be indulging in, post the grand and very exhausting wedding, is that amazing honeymoon. And while they are busy trying to assemble their travel essentials for the first trip after marriage, nothing like glancing upon the passport holders with their names on it and smiling thinking of you, right? So, we say, this personalized wedding gift would probably, not only be cute but also a super thoughtful gesture from your side, for the newly weds, who are going to be taking the personalised passport holders along with them, around the world.

Where to get them? The Messy Corner, Be Awara, Engrave and even available on Amazon sometimes.

#2 Travel packages (Blind)

They say, a couple who travels together, stays together! So, what better than gifting the couple a surprise trip? Especially if the two are travel enthusiasts. And if the concept is already popping out a hundred questions on your mind, hold on. We have got the details sorted for you. A couple of Indian companies and several foreign Travel groups offer surprise trips, where you would get to know of your destination only a day or two before the travel. You get to choose the number of people and the choice of trip – luxury trips, couple retreats, budget travel, international tours and plenty of other options according to the budget. So, you can either gift a trip or book one for yourself! Most companies, in order to keep the travelers prepared, send out emails days before the trip about weather conditions, expected travel essentials and so on, so that when it is time for the great getaway your newly weds are all prepped and ready to go!

Where to book these? Unpland, Pack Up + Go, Jubel’s Surprise Trips, Magical Mystery Tour and more.  

#3 Happiness Jar

Mason jars have now become synonyms to gifts. Especially personalized wedding gifts which are meant to deliver happiness and joy for a long time now. So if you’re thinking of something personalised and both motivational for the newly weds’ everyday life, then here is an idea. Fill up mason jars with 365 notes/messages – one for each day of their wedded life. You never know, the chits might make them laugh, smile and most importantly think. On a dull day, you might just brighten up their mood or on a day when the couple is in desperate need of motivation, your little quote inside might just get them back on truck. Much like ‘Message in a bottle’ these mason jars filled with colorful chits of happiness, might be the perfect thing to gift your favourite couple.

You can either create this by yourself or ping the several creative Instagram shops and get one delivered.

#4 Frame it

Polaroids and age old routine of printing photos is back in trend now, than ever before. So to add to this and surprise the couple – several Instagram stops like Oye Happy, —– and others provide you with unique gift products/services to capture and restore the best memories forever. From name cards made out of the couple’s best photos to magnets which pop up with the top 3 photos of the couple and live performances by musicians on special occasions, the number of personalised gift options are endless. You can pick from any of the customised product/service range and sit back and watch your personalized wedding gift unfold. It is hassle free, completely taken care off and guaranteed to surprise the couple on our before their big day!

These are easily available on Flipkart, Amazon,

#5 Miniature Dolls

Ever wondered how a miniature doll version of yourself and your other half would like? Exciting isn’t it? My Cute Mini does exactly that and while you are hooked to the concept, we think it is the best thing to gift your darling friends who are about to tie the knot. These replica dolls are super adorable and are a lifelong possession. Much like those special souvenirs that fill up most corners of a newly weds’ house, these dolls are sure to leave them awe. All you have to do is get the best picture of the two and leave the rest to the makers at My Cute Mini. Make sure to pick the best shot of the couple, for the gift is going to last a lifetime.

My cute mini is a good place to order your wedding gifts.

#6 Planners

Our good old planners are back in trend and not one, but several platforms are churning out what we would call the most detailed, creative and even sophisticated planners you’ll ever come across. These are not just planners but life savers. They have got most people hooked and for newly weds this might just be the perfect way to begin their new journey. Your planners, customised with their names and chosen according to their routines, might be a saving grace for those couples planning their honeymoon, doing up their new house and running the many errands that come as a part of starting a fresh. So if a couple is taking their vows in the first month of the year or anytime soon, then nothing like the go to PLANNER.

Where to buy? Alicia Souza, PropShop 24, Purple Trails, Happy Wagon, FelizLand and more

#7 Couple linens

Talk about gifts that a couple can use in their everyday lives and chores. Because, frankly, show pieces or corner sets that don’t add value to routines are just not the wedding gifts to pick anymore. So we thought, why not gift some soft towels, linens and even pillows to the couple. And why these? Because they can be customised too. You can either get the symbolic ‘Mr and Mrs’ titles or Initials printed on towels, bathrobes and pillow covers or you can even pick Superwoman/Man linens and other such stuff that a couple would love to walk into after a long day at work or after finally completing the never ending list of post wedding rituals.

#8 Gardening classes

Every couple needs to rejuvenate and most importantly after weddings. Ceremonies of all religions and kinds can get overwhelming for the ones involved and to break away, a gardening workshop/class would be the most relaxing thing to do. Couples will not only indulge in activities close to nature but will also spend quality time with each other and away from the hustle. And if you love the idea of this, then this is exactly what you should gift the love birds. You could sign up online or walk into any of the nurseries and sign your friends up for this lovely activity. Also, you could gift a Do-It-Yourself Plant Terrarium Kit that can be bought online. These Kits that come with instruction manuals and help the couple sit together and assemble cute little Terrariums alongside other supplies. These DIY kits are definitely a fun and relaxing gift for couples, before they get back on their feet!

#9 Engraved Crockery (His & Her)

Moving over to delicate gifts that also double up as beautiful gestures for couples, you might want to add a personalised touch to your their crockery collection. For couples who love to throw parties and dine in style, gifting them engraved wine glasses is really the best bet. Not just that, you can also keep up with the tradition that many elders would practice – gifting silver to newly weds. The online market is increasingly churning out Wine glasses with silver designs and names/initials or any title you want engraved on them. They are close to perfect and are definitely a couple’s delight as they get ready for their first cheers and take their first sip of champagne after being announced husband and wife!

#10 Cinema Light box

LED Cinema Light Boxes – Not just a unique and nostalgic gift but also a very dynamic one. The DIY Cinema Light Box home decor gift comes with several alphabets, emojis and numbers and is the most attractive showpiece one could walk into it.

With light boxes, you are not just customising a gift for the couple, but you’re also giving them a chance to turn around their gift as and when they like. While you might arrange a lovely quote as you gift it to them, the couples can now change it from time to time with their choice of quotes, songs or even funny words, giving them the freedom to put up anything and everything that would keep them going and get them excited.

These are easily available on Flipkart, Amazon, PropShop24, Mango People Shop etc.

Hope this exhaustive list of personalized wedding gifts helps you decide on a wedding. If not, you can just ask your friend for a wedding gift registry at weddingwishlist.com

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