Planning for the Arrival of Your Little One? Read Our Infant Shopping 101 Guide!

Pregnancy is an exciting time for women—you’re awaiting the arrival of your little bundle of joy and the world just seems like a happier place. However, there is also lots that overwhelm moms-to-be, especially if this is your first time. And planning for the baby’s arrival and all the shopping needed to get ready for it, are big worry points for parents. break down everything you need to know about how to get started on this journey. 

When is the right time to start the process? 

You don’t even have to be pregnant to have your heart melt at the sight of an adorable newborn onesie. So for expecting moms it’s really hard to wait to start shopping—everything looks so tempting and tiny and you just want to get your hands on it. However, it’s best to control those urges. Timing wise the best time to start planning for your baby’s nursery and other needs is around the fifth or sixth month. The first trimester is the scariest for any pregnant woman and you just want to be sure everything is good before you walk down the shopping path. After your 5th month scan, you’re in your happiest trimester, the baby is as safe as can be and you are fully used to the idea of becoming a mom. So there’s no better time to get started! 


How do I start? It’s all so confusing! 

Start by taking a deep breath. A little systematic planning can make this process seamless and efficient. Spend the first few weeks just planning and budgeting. Refer to’s essential baby checklist for a list of everything you need or ask friends and family who delivered recently. Once you have the list, sit down with your partner and understand how you want to plan for your baby. Are you going to co-sleep or will the baby have her own nursery? Do you want to follow a Montessori style upbringing or do you believe in a more free-flowing approach? Is the baby due in summers or winters? Would you want to travel with your newborn (maybe to your mom’s house) or do you plan to be at home initially? Will you have a nanny or not? These questions may seem irrelevant but they are all great indicators of what you need to get. 

For instance, if you plan to co-sleep and not have a nursery, it’s probably wise to not invest in bulky items like a diaper changing station. If you want to travel you’ll need a baby carrier, car seat and a lot more. But if you don’t, then there’s no need to spend money on these immediately. 


There are so many brands out there! What do I get?

Once you have done the above and know what all your baby needs, it’s time to figure where you’ll be getting these items from. The number of baby brands are endless, and often expensive. But mom’s guilt is a real thing and you never want to compromise for your baby. So where do you draw the line? The best approach is to start by figuring out a broad budget that you want to spend. Then go item by item on your checklist and evaluate the brand you need. 

For instance, when it comes to diapers, bottles, nipples, sterilisers, and other utility items, you don’t want to compromise. And there are a range of excellent brands you can choose from across budgets. Philips Avent or Dr. Brown is a great choice for all these products and comes at an affordable price. The next category is clothing, and here you can choose brands based entirely on budget. As long as clothes are pure cotton, they work for newborns. Similarly, with items like swaddles, bedding and towels, check for fabric safety as brands don’t matter much here. And lastly, when it comes to long-use items like baby gear—strollers, car seats, cot—you want to go for brands that are steady and known but not necessarily expensive. Basic features are all you need, you don’t need to get carried away by everything top line. Just see your needs and get the product that matches it. 

So are you ready to start shopping? Download our checklist now! 

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