How to Create the Perfect Post-wedding Website in 2019

You’ve had your big day, congratulations are in order. But what next? By building your wedding website, you have successfully managed to build an all-in-one, beautiful space for your love story to be eternal on the internet, but a post-wedding website is just as important. Here’s why. A wedding website is for you. (Well, for the most part). But you have to remember that the success of your wedding is also attributable to the guests and well-wishers that took out time from their probably busy lives to take part in your big celebration. So this one, in its entirety, is about them. 

They say each thank-you note written to a guest is akin to counting your blessings. But with the fast lives, we lead, quite frankly, who has the time? Enter: the post-wedding website. Everything you need to say, show or share from your wedding can be orchestrated in harmony to create a flawless website. Besides, your post-wedding website is going to be filled with lively dancefloor shots and funny candids of your folks from the wedding who are going to look forward to spotting themselves. It makes the whole sharing of pictures humdrum so much more simple. 

Post Wedding Website
Post Wedding Website

Here’s what the perfect post-wedding website must include: 

Thank you for your PRESENCE(ts) at our Wedding

By saying “thank you” you are also saying “I appreciate you”. It’s so simple and effective. By making someone else feel important and appreciated, you’ve brightened up someone’s day in the smallest of ways. But more importantly, it shows your guests how very grateful you are, not just for the lovely presents, but more so because they showed up to be a part of your grand celebration. So make this section entirely about them. If you’re a corny writer, don’t hold back. You might even add some of the good old “Our hearts are still smiling, thank you for coming” or “Your thoughtfulness is a gift we will always treasure, more than the gift itself” cliches. Bathetic is the new beautiful

The Wedding Glossies 

A post-wedding gallery is an effective way of having to avoid sharing wedding photos to every guest individually. Essentially, if you think about it, a wedding website is like a “here’s what to expect” and a post-wedding website is a “here’s what happened”. The common thing between both- lots of pictures!  Chances are, that you’ve had photos clicked from both professional photographers as well as friends and family. You could make this distinction clear in your website and have two separate sections for both. The rest of the design is up to you. A recommended categorization of pictures to ease things up a little would be of the different ceremonies. 

If you wish to turn it up a notch, you could add an outfit details box (of both the bride and groom) under each ceremony card and type them out for all the nosey parkers. I’m sure a bride hears enough and more of “Where is your lehenga from?” and it only makes sense to disclose this not so private information so you don’t have to answer it for the one-hundredth time!

The Wedding Video- A Post-wedding Website Showstopper

And for the much-awaited *insert drumroll* Wedding Video. While the wedding website consists of a wishy-washy trailer to the wedding, the post-wedding wedding video showcases the entire movie. You could have one big video with your wedding hashtag or separate videos for each ceremony- that’s up to you. But one video- a compilation of memorable snippets from all ceremonies put together as a story- is more theatrical and eccentric than splitting it up. While embedding the video onto the website, ensure that the video has a share option. For this, it’s best if your video is uploaded on youtube first, so the youtube link is easily shared. This way, you can even monitor your youtube views to have a #trendingwedding

A Wedding Footnote of sorts

Thanking your guests is essential, and so is thanking all the hands behind the success of your wedding. Treat this section like an award show stage to thank the entire production team AKA the wedding planners- be it outsourced professionals or your own folks, the bill payers (kudos, mom&dad!) and all of your inner circle of friends who did all of the elbow-greasing right from getting your fittings right, driving your around, getting the flower decorators and caterers to shooting videos as well as participating in them- these stars truly deserve a huge shout out on the post-wedding website, wouldn’t you think so?  

To deviate from the conventional and make it more fun, you could even have pictures of your closest friends with quirky hashtags or titles like “Mr.Always spotted at the food counter” and “#DancefloorQueen” with stills from the wedding validating the tag. More reason to celebrate the celebration, eh? 

Your tale of love..(and possibly a Ciao until next time!)One thing that still stays on the website even after the wedding is, of course, your entire journey until officially deciding to tie the knot. You would be taken aback by how many people want to know your “how we met” saga. So don’t shy away from advertising what is, by definition, truly eternal. To amp things up a bit, you could either write about each other or even have volunteers, your closest friends, narrate your tale of love. This way, it would not just be all mushy, but also topped with the right amount of humour to make the story, and your website, a grand slam.

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