6 Tips on How to Plan Your Fun & Safe Pre-wedding Functions

The one thing that makes Indian weddings grand, lavish, and entertaining is the pre-wedding functions. For a very long time and even now, they have continued to be a huge part of Indian weddings. Although most pre-wedding functions are rooted in traditions and rituals, many are fun and entertaining with loads of guests. But the corona pandemic has officially changed all this and every couple getting has resorted to having a small pre-wedding celebration at home. 

So, here’s everything you need to know about planning your pre-wedding functions amidst the corona pandemic!

Pre-wedding functions
Pre-wedding functions

#1. What to Keep and let go 

Indians are known to have even week-long celebrations prior to the wedding. But sourcing and planning for all these is definitely going to be tough amidst the corona pandemic. So, pick and choose what you need to keep and let go. If there’s a significant function in your culture that’s essential to the wedding, keep it, but let the others go. Like Mehendi is important to a wedding. So plan for that and you can club the Sangeet function with that. But the cocktail night although the most fun one will need to go because sourcing and planning for it is nearly impossible. 

#2. The Guestlist 

When it comes to the guestlist for your pre-wedding functions, keep it really short. You may not necessarily invite all the 50 guests. You can just do it with your parents, siblings, and closest cousins. But if you do want to invite all your wedding guests since they are going to be the closest people to you, definitely do so. Just make sure to say/put in something in the invite which conveys that if they don’t feel safe or are concerned about their safety when it comes to attending the pre-wedding functions, you understand that these are tough times and they are free to attend it virtually. 

#3. Safety First

The first thing that you should plan for when it comes to having a wedding amidst the corona pandemic, is the people’s safety. So, make sure you have masks, sanitizers and check the temperatures of everyone attending the wedding. Ensure that you make seating arrangements and the others in such a way that you adhere to the social distancing norms. Some people even have cuddle curtains at your wedding. If you feel that’s necessary, then don’t shy away from having one at your wedding. Make sure that pregnant ladies and the elderly are not attending the wedding and even if they do, ensure that they are safe and taken care of. 

#4. Hiring vendors

When it comes to hiring vendors, ensure you hire only the ones that are necessary. Like the mehendi person, the caterers, pandit, etc. Don’t hire too many vendors and do a few things that you can do on your own. This ensures that you can invite more people in your family and also keeps the outside contact at the bare minimum and keeps everyone safe. Also, ensure that you work with vendors who take all safety precautions. Hash these out before hiring them and if you need them to particularly do something like wear gloves and masks at all times etc. inform them beforehand. 

#5. Wedding Technology 

Make use of tech as much as you can. Amidst the corona pandemic, tech is the one thing that’s bringing the world closer and will ensure that you get to share your special day with every person who is close to you. From using Spotify playlists instead of hiring a DJ to even having a zoom wedding and live streaming, tech has really helped weddings evolve in these trying times. So, use wedding apps, wedding websites, gift registry, and any platform you find that make your pre-wedding functions a success. You can connect with every person close to you virtually and that’s what virtual weddings are all about. The only thing you need to worry about is having a good WiFi connection.

#6. Return gifts

It’s a given that you’d like to give your loved ones return gifts after they attend your pre-wedding functions. While you may think that since they’re miles away you can’t do anything about it, the reality isn’t so. With Wedding Wishlist, you can send quality products to your loved ones as their return gifts. We ensure quality and safety and we even gift wrap them for you. So, you definitely can send something like gourmet and other items to your guests residing in India. For some great return gift ideas, click here!

Have any questions regarding the planning of your pre-wedding functions or need some tips and ideas to plan an intimate wedding during the corona pandemic? Join our exclusive WhatsApp group for couples by clicking here!  

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