The Best Pre-wedding Shoot Locations In Major Indian Cities

A pre-wedding shoot is not just a floating FAD, it’s way more than that. In arranged marriages, it gives the couple a real chance to connect because let’s face it – a couple who pose together, grows together. A pre-wedding shoot is sort of like a trial run for your photographer to know you better before the D-Day. He or she can give you suggestions for your big day shoot based off your pre-wedding shoot body language so you don’t screw up on (one of) the biggest day of your life!

Besides, do you really need a reason to have a romantic photoshoot? It’s your chance to imitate every famous romcom pose you’ve ever wanted to (either because you’re a hopeless romantic or simply because you wanted to make fun of these mushy poses). But what makes a pre-wedding shoot successful? (Besides your undying chemistry and an utter knack for prim posing, of course) It’s the location!

Pre-wedding Shoot
Pre-wedding Shoot

Here’s a list of top pre-wedding shoot locations in major Indian cities that not only give you pitch-perfect backdrops but literally set the mood for romance in your snapshots, too:


1. Lal Bagh

If you’re looking for an outdoor wedding shoot with a gorgeous green backdrop, Lalbagh has got to be your pick. Colourful flowers and a lake make this a true dream venue for a perfect pre-wedding photoshoot in the garden city of Bengaluru!

2. Cubbon Park

Situated close to Lalbagh is one of the most popular pre-wedding shoot locations and for all the right reasons! Well-maintained gardens, sculptures and vast greenery make for the most surreal backdrops to strike those #couplegoal poses. 

3. Nandi Hills

An ideal spot to get a range of backdrops, these hills boast lush greenery, a bewitching fort and ancient temples to add that extra south Indian touch to your pre-wedding photoshoot. The place is known for its picturesque sunrise so try and opt for an early morning shoot. 

4. Grover Vineyards

Located at the foot of Nandi Hills, a trip to these vineyards can turn into a wine-tasting date besides being a stunning location for your pre-wedding shoot. The vast lust vegetation, natural light falling upon you and sipping on some house wine could get you some real precious candids!


1. Juhu Beach

A pre-wedding shoot in Mumbai and no beach backdrop? Sounds absurd. If you’re a couple that fancies beaches, Juhu is the perfect place for a romantic pre-wedding photoshoot by the sea.

2. Vasai Fort 

Vintage, rustic and perfectly rugged-  the famous Vasai fort makes for a great photoshoot location for a couple that loves all things heritage. Fun Fact: Coldplay’s “Hymn for the Weekend” was shot at Vasai fort. Additionally, there’s Vasai beach located close to the fort so you can have 2 very different backdrops for your shoot. 

3. Kala Ghoda

Popularly known as Mumbai’s “Artistic Neighbourhood”,  the place is made for art lovers. Crafty with a hint of vintage, you are sure to get some beautiful and unique shots at this artistic paradise!

4. Sanjay Gandhi National Park

One of the few places to enjoy nature amidst the busy life of Mumbai city, is the Sanjay Gandhi National Park that gives you all the ingredients for an attractive, green and intimate view to really step up your pre-wedding photoshoot game. 


1. Chowmahalla Palace

A true fairytale photoshoot spot for a variety of reasons, chowmahalla palace boasts the heritage of nizams. Charming crystal chandeliers and a majestic throne makes for a royal pre-wedding photoshoot theme. (Almost like the Raichand family portraits from K3G)

2. Golconda Fort

The Golconda Fort has every background you would need for the perfect outdoor pre-wedding photoshoot. The historic architecture, arches and domes, the green gardens and a panoramic view of the entire city makes this a truly magical choice for a couple. 

3. Taramati Baradari

Built during the reign of Ibrahim Quli Qutub Shah, this Persian-style garden has a romantic tale behind building it. Sounds about right to start your wedding tale at a place that was built for love, doesn’t it? The place is surrounded by greenery which makes it a serene background for your pre-wedding shoot.

4. Tank Bund

Tank Bund too serves you a variety of scenic backdrops for the perfect pre-wedding shoot. The entire stretch including the statues, boating area and the necklace road can call be used for different themes and shots. Tank bund boasts a series of activities like biking, dog shows, etc. and these can be used for a surreal romantic date-themed shoot. 


1. Hauz Khas Village, South Delhi 

A location that boasts the best of both- modern pubs and nightlife as well as gorgeous Indo-Islamic architecture, Hauz Khas village boasts a lake and a deer park that simply makes it one of the top locations for a pre-wedding photoshoot.

2. Lodhi Gardens 

A blend of serene nature and 15the century architecture, Lodhi gardens has been a couple favourite for a long time. Spread over 90 acres of land, the place boasts lush green gardens with vibrant flowers and a lake that acts as a sublime backdrop for your pre-wedding shoot!

3. Humayun’s Tomb

Enviable Mughal Persian Architecture – rustic balconies, water foundations and marble mountains makes this place just about perfect for a historical themed pre-wedding shoot.

4. Lodhi Art District 

Truly an artist’s paradise, the Lodhi Colony consists of by-lanes with vibrantly painted walls splashed with colour and illumination that make for quirky backdrops for a bright pre-wedding shoot. And because it’s public property, it’s free!


1. Eco Park 

An urban park offering surreal backdrops – a tea plantation, butterfly garden and wildflower meadows all at one spot? Yes please! The activities this park offers such as dup cycling, rowing and duo cycling can also be used to capture some really cool moments for your pre-wedding shoot. 

2. Ekante

Located right within the eco-park is Ekante – a photographer’s absolute favourite with magnificent cottages, a large wooden bridge that is illuminated with colourful (artificial) lights after sunset and vast green land that adds immense beauty to every moment captured on camera. 

3. Botanical Garden 

An escape into the laps of nature, the botanical garden in Shibpur boast giant amazon lily pads and tall banyan and palm trees that make for mystic backdrops for an outdoor shoot. The place also offers a lake nearby, so you get the best of both backdrops – the land and the sea. 

4. Victoria Memorial 

A phenomenal depiction of British colonial architecture that boasts beautiful bright gardens and lakes, this marble beauty (also known as the “pride of Kolkata”) is one of the most famous spots for a pre-wedding shoot. 

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