Priyanka Chopra Makes Wedding Registry the Smartest Trend!

The BIG wedding trend that’s taken Bollywood by storm? Wedding Gift Registries! Priyanka Chopra and Nick Jonas are all set to tie the knot on 2nd December in Jodhpur, and the internationally acclaimed actress has become the second Indian A-Lister this month to create a wedding registry, following Deepika & Ranveer.

PeeCee, who is known to be a trendsetter, has taken a stand on responsible gifting. She created a gift registry of the things that she and Nick would want to start their married life with. To kick-start her registry, has donated $100,000 towards UNICEF, an organization she strongly supports.

News of PC's wedding registry is doing the rounds

News of PC’s wedding registry is doing the rounds

One might wonder what the celebrity couple could need. After all, don’t they have everything they want? But that’s why gift registries are so brilliant, because what do you gift someone who has it all? Apparently, the list is quite an eclectic one and spans everything from silk eye masks and Chihuahua accessories to funky skateboards and old-school record players! Now, these may work for a Hollywood lifestyle, but for Indian couples creating a wedding registry, we bring you the top picks from couples at Wedding Wishlist, the first wedding registry service for Indian couples!

1. Experiences

Travel does the heart good, and what could be a better wedding gift than a holiday? From a cycling trip in Tuscany to a weekend camp near your city, experiences can be as elaborate or easy as you’d like. And if you can’t make up your mind, just add a travel gift certificate and redeem when you want!

Experiences make for the best wedding gifts

Experiences make for the best wedding gifts

2. Appliances & Gadgets

Setting up a new home comes with getting married. And new homes need new appliances. Be it a slick coffee machine, a new LED TV or even something as basic as a new air conditioner, adding appliances to your registry helps setting it up the way you want so much easier.

3. Furniture

Another essential category for newly weds, furniture makes for a great gift to add to your registry. For couples moving into a new home, this is a major category, but even for those living with their parents, an accent piece or a slight refresh of the existing furniture is always welcome!

Furniture gifts for when you move into a new house

Furniture gifts for when you move into a new house

4. Gift Cards

This is a great one for couples who know they will need to buy things, but not sure of specifics. From something as essential as Amazon or Lifestyle to gift cards from spas and boutique stores, you can take your pick and add it to your registry.

Gift cards - Wedding Gifts

Gift cards – Wedding Gifts

5. Charity

There’s no better way to start your new life than with blessings of someone less fortunate. Adding contributions to a charity close to your heart can be a beautiful way of giving back on your big day.

Donate wedding contributions to charity

Donate wedding contributions to charity

6. Cash

And finally, for those who are clear they don’t want boxed gifts, this is a very simple, stress-free option. Just create a cash registry and let your guests contribute to it. However, guests usually prefer a gift over cash because of the memory value attached to it. If only they knew what the couple actually needed.

So for all those who feel shy to ask for the wedding gifts they want, it’s time to take a cue from the country’s leading trendsetters. A gift registry isn’t as much about asking for things you ‘need’ as has been made evident by Priyanka and Deepika, but about saying no to wasting your guests’ time, money and effort. After all, who wouldn’t want to gift the couple something they know will be loved? You can create your free wedding gift registry at #WhySoShy?

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