5 Unique & Romantic Proposal Ideas for Couples in Corona Times

The pandemic might have brought the world to its knees, but love has a way of withstanding even the toughest of storms. From couples postponing their wedding indefinitely at the start of the pandemic, to couples coming forward and getting married virtually, we’ve witnessed how love can lead to innovation and maybe even a revolution. Now more than ever, people are trying to live and love to the fullest and not take even the smallest things for granted. This has also led couples to come up with innovative proposal ideas during the pandemic. 

So, if you’re looking to tie the knot any time in the future here are some of the best proposal ideas for corona times!

Wedding Proposal Ideas for Corona Times
Wedding Proposal Ideas for Corona Times

#1. Bring the destination home

If you were planning to propose at your dream destination, it’s impossible right now with the travel restrictions worldwide. So, the best you can do is bring that destination home! You can decorate your home in themes of that city and if you can, commission a wall art or something to that end of the most famous monuments of your dream city. For example, Paris: you can either commission a wall art or decorate your home in themes of a Parisian street etc. and then pop the question! Additionally, you can also arrange for virtual tours and if you have a VR headset, the tour feels absolutely real and then you can pop the question once the tour ends. 

#2. Rope in the family

This is one of the unconventional proposal ideas that emerged due to the pandemic. We absolutely understand how hard it can be when you’re quarantining miles apart. But since we’ve all heard the phrase distance makes the heart grow fonder, we’re going to be looking at the bright side.  Use this opportunity and communicate more, talk about your goals, get to know and maybe even rediscover each other. So, rope in your partner’s family to help you pop the question.

You can ask different family members to keep delivering little gifts and hand-written notes. You can write anything you want, from the things that made you fall for your partner to the ways they made your life much better, it could be anything. At the end of the day, you can then connect through a video call and then pop the question. You can also request her family to decorate the room and even bear witness!

#3. A small picnic

We know that travelling right now is a no-no. So, take your partner for a picnic nearby. Cook their favourite meal, carry their favourite snacks and drinks and make it the best day. You can just chill at your picnic spot, play some games or even turn it into a mini theatre. Take a tent and some really good speakers and your laptop and voila! Your portable mini theatre is ready! Don’t forget to carry inflatable pillows and blankets for a comfy experience. If you remember the first movie or tv show you watched together or something that has some significance to the both of you, you can watch that too. If you’re going for a nighttime picnic, be sure to carry some emergency lights and battery operated fairy lights to set the ambience. 

#4. Love’s a Puzzle

This is one of the most interesting proposal ideas we’ve come across. If your partner loves puzzles, they sure are in for a treat! You can make a custom jigsaw puzzle of you and your partner’s pictures together and also have the words will you marry in small letters at the end of the puzzle. You can then appear miraculously with the ring once your partner completes the puzzle. There are websites online that can help you create a custom puzzle. You can also take it up as a D-I-Y project and make the puzzle yourself.  This will definitely be a memorable experience for both of you and this proposal story will definitely be the talk of the town in no time!

#5. The Fairytale Romance

Fairytale romantic proposal ideas are the ones that never fail. If your partner is a bit cheesy or a romantic at heart, this will definitely win them over in a jiffy. You can make a fancy dinner at home, set the lighting and the decorations in such a way that they emulate a cosy and intimate restaurant. Tell them you’re having a date night and ask them to dress up if need be. Then you can either serenade your partner yourself or hire an artist or two to do so. We advise you to hire a band in an enclosed place with you only when the space is huge like a backyard and there’s enough distance amongst everyone. If not, just hire a singer to serenade the love of your life and then you can pop the question! This will definitely turn out to be the best night ever!

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