11 Romantic and Unique Proposal Ideas for an Indian Couple

One of the most nerve-wracking (yet somehow insanely exciting) things you would go through as part of your perfectly imperfect love saga is, of course, the event of popping the big question. Will you marry me? If you don’t have a full-proof plan to woo this woman of your dreams to instantly say yes as though having felt a wave of rhapsody pass through her, would you even do justice to these four words? You get one chance at acing something this big and you don’t want to blow this up. Your proposal story is going to be narrated on loop at several parties for months to come so you’d best be making it one that’s worth listening to. 

11 Proposal Ideas that are sure to get you an overwhelmed YES: 

#1. Underwater Sign Language

Okay, picture this. You’re on vacation in Maldives or in the Bahamas and you plan a whole scuba-diving experience with your partner. You’re both in the ocean, all sorts of fish and magnificent sea creatures act as the backdrop. You’re underwater, away from every sound known to man on land. It’s an immersive, spell-binding experience as is, and you call out to her, pulling out a ring from your scuba suit. Chances are she’ll probably use the underwater sign manual to indicate yes. (Awww moment alert!) ACED it and how. This is one of those proposal ideas that just can’t go wrong. 

#2. The Crossword Puzzle Proposal

If you’re the kind of couple that likes to do the crossword puzzle every morning, design your own for her on this day. This is one of those proposal ideas that will make her go aww. Tell her you made her a more challenging one and actually do it. The only words hidden must be the 4 biggies of your question and sure enough she’ll be all flushed by the end of it. Imagine her glancing up from the puzzle only to find you on your knees once she has it solved and decoded. *Que Notebook’s title track* 

#3. The Photobooth Proposal

All of these proposal pictures floating around the gram but yours doesn’t have to be one of them. What if we say that you can have an authentic, instantly captured series of pictures with no filter expressions to cherish and keep close to your heart forever? All you have to do is find a place with a photobooth and after one or two goofy poses, bring out that ring. Sure enough, you’ll have her immediate response on camera followed by expressions ALL FROM THE HEART. Pro tip: Time this a couple of times before the real deal, timing is everything!

#4. Favourite TV show Proposal

People get obsessed with their favourite TV shows and movies. You can use this to your advantage and get crafty while you’re at it. If your partner to-be is a potter head, for instance, you can hide the ring in what looks like the snitch ball from the Harry Potter series. A chandler and Monica style “wedding jitters” act would be just as perfect for a die-hard Friends fan. You can add your own twist to these themes of course, but you get the idea. 

#5. Fortune Cookie Proposal

An easy one but works like a charm if played right, is the secret message inside a fortune cookie idea. If you happen to go to a place that serves fortune cookies at the end of every meal often, great! If not, put on your research shoes, figure out a restaurant that does and get the waiters of this place onboard way in advance so you don’t look clumsy trying to convince them while on your date. Be casual about opening your cookie note and wait for her to open hers. This is your cue to kneel down with that ring. 

#6. An Element of Surprise

If you’re marrying the kind of girl who wouldn’t appreciate loud gestures of love as much but you still want to leave her stunned nonetheless, show her a funny video that ends with the big question. Imagine laughing your asses off to a cat climbing on a baby video that suddenly ends with her name and the question will you marry me? Feeling the goosebumps already.

#7. Secret ScrapBook Surprise

While making a scrapbook might seem like a lot of work, the reaction it could bring is truly worth the effort. Casually gift your beloved a scrapbook of memories you’ve shared a chronological order with titles like “The day we first met”, “The day we got a pet” and the likes. And of course, the last page titled “The day I asked you to marry me” with no picture on the page and sure enough, you’ll have her all heart warmed eyes teared up.

#8. The Poetic Proposal

There is nothing more soulful than words said from the heart. Even if she’s not the emo types, with the right kind of words you can make the toughest ones burst into tears. Do you remember the one episode in big bang theory where Bernedette misses their date so Howard brings the date back to her workplace? The date being all of his friends singing a song he wrote for her while he plays the piano (and sings too). If Howard can pull off silly (but heartfelt) poetry on their first date anniversary, boy you sure as hell can pen down your feelings about your future wife and make them rhyme. If you can’t do poetry, try writing a letter. 

#9. Do It with Food

The home is where the heart is. And the food. You can still absolutely ace your proposal by staying home in your Pajamas with her favourite food. It is after all, the way to one’s heart. Get this right and you’re sure to get that Yes too. Some ways to add an element of surprise would be creative plating. Serve her a piece of cheesecake on a plate for example and don’t say a thing. Underneath the cake, on the plate can be printed the words “Will You Marry Me”. With each bite, she gets closer to decoding your text and you get more and more nervous. Someone turn on the A/C because things are about to get hot in here!

#10. The Mixed Tape Proposal

Organise a cliche date night at home. Dinner, wine and soft jazz. Show up with a mixed tape of your favourite songs as a couple and play it after dinner. (Slow dancing to this mix would give you brownie points for being a complete and total romantic) In the middle of the mixed tape have an audio file of you calling out her name (so she’s all ears now) and popping the big question. Embrace the emotions that follow because you’d have officially earned the title of Mr.Charmer through this proposal idea.

#11. At Home Proposal

Not everyone enjoys the pressure and attention that comes from being proposed at or proposing in front of a crowd. A home proposal can be just as romantic, if not more due to its intimacy. Plus, you can get creative by including your child or pet (if any) in your magic moment or take advantage of the familiarity of the space for an extra element of surprise that your significant other will definitely not see coming. If your loved one is more into cosy, homey quality time, then a home proposal will surely be the warm, safe way to their heart.

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