Why you need a Wedding App?

Weddings, much like everything else in our universe, are changing at lightning speed! Blink, and you’ll miss a few new trends, hashtags and must-haves. Some of these are best forgotten (think revolving stages or paid bars), but some are here to make your Big Day so much better. Wedding Apps are definitely the latter, a non-negotiable for every millennial wedding! Here’s why…

Your guests will love the Wedding App!

The first thing Indian hospitality teaches you is to make sure the guest has a great experience. Well, wedding apps do just that. Guests get to know the couple, have detailed information about functions and feel involved in the celebrations.

The Wedding App

The Wedding App

You’ll get all your wedding photos

Let’s face it! Sometimes, the best wedding photos are the candid ones your friends and family take from their phones. But getting access to them post your wedding is a nightmare! However, when you have an App, your guests can just post their pictures here, and they’ll all be saved on your phone. Now isn’t that amazing?

RSVPs are made easy

The most tiresome part of a wedding is to follow up on your guest list and note who all will be attending. With an App, your guests can let you know all their details with just a click. And you have this information collated in one place.

Notifications at a click

Last minute changes are a part of every wedding. From rain playing spoilsport to the baraat being late, there are so many things that can happen. With a wedding app, you can notify your guests of changed timings, traffic alerts and more with just a click.

Get the gifts you want, delivered to your doorstep

With the concept of gift registries becoming popular in India, you can now integrate your registry with your app. So guests aren’t just connected, but can also get you wedding gifts of your choice with just a click. And that’s a win-win for everyone!

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