Red Essentials Needed for Every Bride-To-Be for Her Big Day!

Indian marriages are filled with glitzy colorful attires with an extravaganza of colors. But it would not be wrong to say that a color which dominates the Indian wedding is red. It dominates the wedding as it is associated with love and also depicts passion. Known to be the color of new life which in the case of a wedding depicts a woman’s new beginning as she travels the way forward with her husband. Besides this, it is also connected to Goddess Durga who is the symbol of strength and power. 

Bride in Red
Bride in Red

Ways to incorporate and play with red color at your wedding

As the color red is one of the most auspicious colors and adds a charming glam to enhance a bride’s beauty, you may look at different ways to choose and style in the right way for your wedding. 
To help you get started, we’ve picked the essentials you need to set the ball rolling.

#1. Alta 

This bright red dye is used to adorn the palms and feet and is another form of using Mehendi or henna. The use of Alta can be traced back to Lord Krishna and his application of Alta to Radha’s feet. It is also considered significant as it resembles blood and denotes prosperity and fertility. The use of Alta is more prevalent in Odisha and West Bengal with every Durga puja being incomplete without its use by married women.

In Bengali weddings, when a bride enters home for the first time, she is made to dip her toes in Alta and take the initial steps in the house while leaving the trail of her footsteps behind which is looked upon as the coming home of prosperity. 

Traditionally Alta was made from betel leaves and at times kumkum powder was used to create a liquid form and paint the palms and feet red
This dye will not only enhance the beauty of your palms and feet but also works to provide a cooling effect to the body. 

#2. Bindi 

The word Bindi denotes a drop or a particle and is put on by women on the center of the forehead. A traditional bindi is red in color and signifies ‘shakti’. It also represents love, honor, prosperity and is a popular accessory to complement that ethnic look. 

#3. Saree

A red saree is one of the most chosen outfits for occasions such as a wedding. It is not only a depiction of clarity but also indicates harmony, richness, and a true bonding. So, the color red makes the bond stronger between two people. 

#4. Bangles

Bangles hold a special significance for women as they are closely associated with their suhaag. They have traditionally been part of the shringaar of brides and have over time become trendier to bring in that contemporary look. 

Brides in Punjab wear ivory and red bangles called chooda which is a gift from the maternal uncle. Chooda signifies prosperity and brings good luck to the newly-wed. Bangles are more than an accessory and form part of a woman’s identity. 

#5. Fiery Jewelry 

Why just limit yourself to red in dresses? Incorporate the fiery color in your wedding jewelry as well. Get that royal look with a traditional choker necklace set and make an everlasting impact with its lacquer finish. 

Wear red jhumkas with a stylish saree to add to that elegant look. However, if you don’t like earrings that are heavy, you can always opt for lightweight jhumkas. They are available in different designs and shapes to accentuate your face and therefore help you create a chic yet minimal fashion statement.

#6. Lehenga love

Flaunt that red lehenga by wearing it with a twist. Firstly, try a change in the cut of the lehenga skirt and get it done as it wraps around. Secondly, you can also sport a georgette belt along with cigarette pants embellished with a soft net sheer lehenga. Ditch the usual blouses and add a little embroidery from the neck to the waist to match the lehenga beautifully. 

#7. Classic Gown

Though lehengas are opted by brides, gowns are something which is the popular choice at the wedding reception. In short, display beauty and simplicity with a classic red gown where you are bound to be the center of attraction. 

#8. Ravishing Saree 

Red is one also of the most sought colors in sarees as it perfectly enhances your sensual beauty. For example, designer sarees with stylish drapes, artsy patterns, and intricate designs are always a good option. 

Red sarees also go well with different western and Indian prints such warli, batik, and geometric shapes. The color red offers boldness and a touch of glamour. In short, you can combine a plain red saree with a light golden embroidered blouse to get that elegant look or pair it with a full sleeve blouse and gold jewelry for the event. 

The wedding event 

Apart from all the things listed above, the color red makes a bride easy to spot and differentiate from the crowd. It is the prominent red color that offers a vivid appearance to the bride and ensures that she gets all the limelight she deserves during the event. 

Truly, red is an integral part of the Indian wedding attire and becomes even more important if you have a particular liking for it!

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