Reasons Why Married Couples Should Give Wedding Return Gifts

When there’s a wedding, there’s a celebration and no wedding is complete with return gifts. No matter how big or how small there are numerous ideas to execute. And how can one achieve an unforgettable wedding? Through their return gifts, or how some may call them wedding favours! Some may believe that the tradition of return gifts at a wedding is no longer valid, but we beg to differ.

Return Gifts
Return Gifts

Here are 10 reasons why one must present return gifts to their guests

#1. To Express Your Gratitude

Your wedding day is one of the biggest days of your life, and you would want all your near and dear ones to attend. People fly out from wherever they are, miss their work, or push behind their vacation to be a part of your wedding. To express your gratitude and appreciation for them making to your special day, a return gift would be the perfect thing. This will make your guests feel important, special and most of all loved that you took the effort to go the extra mile.

#2. To Say Thank You

A return gift at the wedding sends the message of thankfulness to your guests. You are grateful and thankful for their presence and wedding gifts on your special day. The is can even be done through a “thank you” note handwritten by you to them. A handwritten note shows a grand gesture of you personalising the message, and taking the time to express your heartfelt happiness with the guest. If not a handwritten note, then an engraved message on the return gift too would send across your message.

#3. To Make Everyone Remember Your Special Day

A lot of people are involved in the festivities of a wedding. Wedding return gifts mark the day of the joyous occasion and also brings back memories. Also, since this is your special day wouldn’t you want all your guests to remember this day too? There are many return gift ideas that you can implement into making it exceptional and personal.

That way whenever your guest uses it, they will think of you and the time cherished at your wedding.

#4. To Make Your Friendships And Relationships Stronger

We all know that when we receive a gift, there is a certain joy and spark that is seen on our faces. We know that the reason behind this gift to strengthen friendship, but also know that there was effort and thought that was put behind this gift. It is a special token to express thanks and love to your guest. You must show extra love and gratitude to your family and closes ones, this will bring nostalgia and will most definitely strengthen your relationship.

Here’s a return gift idea for your entourage, close friends and family; skip the common gift that you are giving the rest of your guests. Pick something a little more special and close to the heart. Every little detail of your gift will be remembered for a lifetime and that will make the friendship bond grown stronger.

#5. For Good Luck

In some cultures, it is a tradition for a married couple of giving return gifts at a wedding because it is said to bring good luck! Now, as a newly married couple wouldn’t you want all the goodness and luck in the world when you start this new chapter in your lives? It shows cultural significance too on your lifestyle and upbringing.

#6. Token Of your Love

Your return gift is something special, something that has meaning and reflects your relationship with your partner. A return gift at a wedding expresses how much you and your partner love each other. If you think about it very deeply, your return gift could be the symbol of your love. And by sharing this with your guests, it shows how you want them to be a part of your lifelong journey. One may think that this is too much thought into a gift, but trust us everyone knows the meaning of a return gift when they see one!

#7. There Is History

Back in the 19th Century in places like Italy and France, during a wedding, the married couple would present a small return gift to their guest; this was called bonbonniere. Some of those boxed had homemade confectionary, this was so the guests could also take a little bit of the experience of your wedding and live it at home too. Most of the time, the return gifts would be a small box that would contain candies and almonds; this symbolized wealth, fertility, and happiness.

#8. To Signify A Cause

In recent times, most wedding return gifts signify a cause that you stand for. Be it research for cancer, the environment, animals, etc. These are things that you associate with, and your wedding return gift will depict this too. This way you can share and spread across the message that you believe in and also get your guests; family and friends also involved in the initiative.

#9. To Be Practical

Return gift ideas have gotten trendy over the years, and everyone likes to catch up to it only to make it more fun. So while catching up to these trends, you must always remember to choose a gift that will be practical and useful. Practicality is a trait that people often relate to, and if your wedding return gift is practical and useful, you will always be remembered for it.

#10. To Mark The Perfect Ending To The Perfect Day

The perfect ending to the perfect beginning should be by a perfect return gift. A wedding day is special, perfect to the t, and spectacular. If you start on this incredible day with great wonder, it must end with awe and happiness through the gift. Because at the end of the day, this will be something that stays in the mind of everyone.

An occasion that will be remembered for a lifetime deserves a souvenir. There are multiple return gift ideas, one better than the other. They will blow your minds completely but what truly matters is the meaningful reason behind sharing this with your guests.

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