Why RSVP Manager Is the Next Big Thing for Guest Management

The COVID-19 pandemic undoubtedly has us all accommodating to a “new normal” way of life. A change was necessary for almost every aspect, and celebrations were no exception. Social distancing and restricted gatherings meant a smaller guest list for all celebrations, but that didn’t make managing the guests list any easier. Events have simply moved online, and virtual celebrations introduced a completely new guest group – the virtual guests. These are the ones who attend online by watching the live stream or by interacting via an online party. And that means there is the added responsibility of managing not just the guests attending in person, but your virtual guests too. We feel the anxiety and hear all the cries for help. This blog shows you exactly how the all-new RSVP Manager can help you ace guest list management, in a stress-free and efficient way.

RSVP Manager
RSVP Manager

What is the RSVP Manager?

With a host and a guest version, RSVP Manager is an all-in-one app that lets you manage guest hospitality and communications. When planning an event, managing guest logistics can be time-consuming and tedious. RSVP Manager makes this easy. 

How can I set up the RSVP manager?

The RSVP Manager works hand in hand with your event website. You can easily set up a free website on Weddingwishlist.com for any occasion – weddings, baby showers, birthdays, anniversary, or housewarming. A website is a great place to share key event-related information with guests. Your story, event line up and venues, dress codes, gift registry, and photo gallery, all in one place. It only makes sense for the RSVP Manager to be integrated with your website. Once you set up your website, you can activate the RSVP Manager. You can choose to enable the host or guest version, or both! If you are hosting a virtual event, you can stay on top of your virtual guest list and not just the list of guests attending the event in person.

How Can My Guests Access the RSVP Manager?

The RSVP Manager is a progressive web application that is designed to take up zero storage space on your phone. Yes, you heard that right! Once you share your website link with guests, they will be prompted to save the app on their phones. They can send in their RSVPs, meal preferences, stay requirements, depending on the forms you have set up. They can even leave audio, video, or text messages for the host, share pictures or buy a gift from the host’s gift registry, all from a single app.

What All Can The RSVP Manager Help Me With?

The RSVP Manager can be completely customized to suit your requirements. With customizable RSVP forms, you choose what information you want to capture. RSVPs, food preferences, arrival and departure dates or stay requirements – the app can capture everything for you. Recently married couple Sunny & Steffi share, “Ours was a highly curated, multi-course wedding meal; it was important for us to capture guest RSVPs and meal preferences & allergies”. It is indeed important to capture allergies, and the RSVP Manager helps you do just that.

The app is also integrated with a guest book, so you can receive all those lovely wishes and messages from friends and family. With the host version, you can upload accommodation details and assign rooms to every guest. You can also track the arrival and departure dates of each guest. The export function lets you filter and extract this information by date, making logistics much easier for you.

The app not just helps with the planning and logistics, it is also ideal if you want to communicate with your guests! Unforeseen delay in events? Changes in accommodation? Last-minute changes? Just type it in the app and send it to all your guests so everyone is well informed. Communication couldn’t be any smoother and more hassle-free!

Can RSVP Manager be used only for virtual events?

No, the RSVP Manager is perfect for any event with guests, which is just about every event! It works great for both virtual and offline events and makes guest management a breeze. It is also great for any kind of occasion or celebration, and not just for a wedding, which is usually an occasion where it is most needed. Mr. M.V Subbiah who recently celebrated his 80th birthday says, “We used the RSVP Manager app to streamline guest communication for my 80th birthday celebrations. Custom emails & forms made it easy to track responses and assign transport & accommodation.

I don’t want a website. Can I still get the RSVP Manager?

The RSVP Manager works in conjunction with the website, and to use it, it is essential that you create a website. However, the website template is completely free, with the option of customization password protection too! And in case you are still hesitant to share a lot of details on your website, fret not. You can always choose to share as much or as little information on the website as you want.

Why should I go for the RSVP Manager?

  • Say bye to those multiple, complicated excel sheets.
  • Guest management at an affordable price – great for your guests and light on the pocket
  • Efficiently captures information from guests so your logistics are planned better, and wastage is less. Your ceremony will be smart and waste-free, just like it should be.
  • Direct communication with guests instead of multiple messages, phone calls, or middlemen. Everything is quick and convenient, with just a touch of a button.
  • Customizable RSVP forms, so there is something for everyone. 
  • Fully integrated with your website, so your guests have a one-stop shop for everything related to your event.

So, there you have it. Everything you need to know about the RSVP Manager all compiled for you. Finally, a guest management tool to manage guest logistics without losing your mind. Planning an event should be as memorable as the event itself, so let the RSVP Manager take the stress out of it. Have an event coming up real soon? You know what to do!

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