Cosmetic Wisdom

One of the most important aspects of your wedding is looking and feeling your best. After all, a happy bride is a beautiful one! So it’s no surprise that bridal makeup artists are much sought after – everyone wants to look fantastic on their big day. We had the chance to chat to makeup artist and bridal beauty expert, Sabrina Suhail. As someone who has catered to the whims of many brides, Sabrina is a fount of knowledge, and we’re thrilled that she has shared some of her cosmetic wisdom with us.


Here are her top wedding beauty hacks:

Makeup First!

According to Sabrina, one of the first (and most important!) things that the bride has to set up are appointments with makeup artists. Their services are so in demand that bookings typically have to be made six to eight months before the wedding.


Give It A Try

Don’t select a makeup artist based on hearsay or reputation alone. Schedule appointments with a few beauty experts to compare services, rates, and aesthetics. Choose someone whose sensibilities gel with yours – you want to be as relaxed as possible on your big day.


Blame It On The Weatherman?

Sabrina says, “Considering summers are hotter, more humid and sometimes even very dry in the south of India, the best hairstyles would be up-dos.”


Cutting Edge Of Beauty

“From what I have recently discovered, more and more clients want to look like they have walked out of a magazine. Simple drapes, pale lips, high contoured cheeks, and bronzed highlighted cheek bones. Combed, groomed eyebrows and a deep smoky or a completely no-eyeshadow, lots of mascara look,” says Sabrina, explaining the latest in bridal beauty trends.

Look For All Seasons

Sometimes the simplest looks are the most effective ones. Sabrina says, “The easiest and quickest is to carry a mascara to open those eyes. Some blush, just enough on the apples of the cheek to look like you have been standing in the sun for just a little too long, and a tinted lip balm. This look will take you far!”


Drink Up!

There is nothing quite like hydration to give your skin a healthy glow, and Sabrina is quick to point out the benefits, “What I suggest to all my clients is that they drink 2 litres of water a day. Keep in mind that too much water intake can lead to dehydration by washing out important minerals and vitamins.”


Work It Off

Exercise is usually a big part of the bridal preparation process, but Sabrina says it has a huge impact not only on your weight but on your skin. She says, “I’ve noticed that all my clients that have a regular workout routine have to do less for their skin before the wedding. Stick to a high protein, no or low sugar, no carb diet. Do this for 4 months before the wedding and you’ll have the best skin you have ever had.”


Building The Right Foundation

There’s more to makeup than covering up imperfections, and it’s important to observe the nuances of applying it. A makeup essential that every bride must have is the right shade of foundation. “The only important thing in makeup is getting the correct skin tone foundation. Anyone can do a smokey eye or slap on a colored lipstick. But to get the foundation right is the toughest!” says Sabrina.


From choosing the right products to finding a makeup artist to work with (who understands your needs) – there’s a lot of planning that goes into a wedding. Good makeup is hard to come by and expert makeup artists tougher still! That’s why we’re so glad that Sabrina chose to share her insider wisdom with us. We can’t wait to see what’s next for her and for our brides-to-be!

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