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Amar Ramesh Photography” – it’s a name that packs a punch. In the world of wedding photography, Amar is an institution. Quitting a big corporate job and following your passion is a common theme these days. But when Amar Ramesh did it, he was a trailblazer, even if he didn’t realise it at the time. The veteran wedding photographer puts it simply, “Even before I chose anything, wedding photography chose me.”

Initially, the craziness of the big fat desi wedding was overwhelming, and he says, “My fearful perception about the chaos in Indian weddings changed from the moment I shot my first wedding here. I embraced the chaos and fell in love with it.”

Today, his solo dream is a team effort. His company, Studio A, boasts of 22 employees and a booming trade.

We sat down to have a chat with Amar about partnering with Wedding Wishlist, capturing the perfect shot, and weddings (of course!).

A Candid Look


Though a lot of wedding photographers have embraced ‘candid’ culture, Amar has made it into an art form. Instead of being an observer, as photographers naturally are, he tries to bring a personal touch to every picture he takes. “I enjoy shooting the wedding as a brother or a friend who gifts priceless memories rather than just a vendor who delivers.”

He genuinely enjoys the fairytale elements of marriage. According to Amar, “Imagine two different individuals, born at different places and times, bonded by destiny to come together. On the big day, I get to see the precious moments up close. It’s a gift to be chosen, and to be there for them.”

He went on to say, “Meeting people is the best part of my job and I enjoy making new friends. To be a part of the best times of their lives, and giving them a chance to reminisce with pictures later is a privilege. I hold it close and consider it my purpose.”

It’s All About The People

Over the years, Amar has shot all kinds of weddings – from big to small, traditional to bohemian – he’s seen it all. Name some wedding photography ideas and he’s probably tried them all. When asked whether he prefers the traditional route or the eclectic, he says, “It depends. I believe it is not about the type of wedding, but the type of the people that I get to work with. They add life to the ceremony.” His favourite wedding ever? A small 18 guest ceremony held in Pondicherry under a beautiful tree. A far cry from the chaotic yet exciting wedding halls and sabhas.

Emotions play a strong part in his work. One of his biggest triumphs is his ability to capture the poignancy of a moment. Amar says, “When I become invisible and the emotions are visible, that is when the best shot comes to the fore. I personally feel that the shots which are engraved in the memory of the viewer, and are remembered for a long time are my signature ones. It’s about how they felt – it adds credit to the moment.”

20140124-Sukirthan-Kasturi-a001-6832Wishlists And Weddings

As a wedding connoisseur (albeit behind the scenes), what does Amar think of the Wedding Wishlist concept, and about responsible gifting? He’s all for it. According to Amar, “It is a very innovative concept, in fact it was something that I wanted to start up earlier, but couldn’t as I had to focus more on my photography. I am glad that Wedding Wishlist has kickstarted the idea.”

He muses, “Now is the right time to start any kind of innovative business in India. And the wedding industry, in particular, is thriving like never before. Think about the number of people getting married every day, and the number of confusions that occur when it comes to wedding gifts. So yes, I think Wedding Wishlist has started its operations at the right time, and the right place.”

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